BattleBots Season 2


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It’s Thursday again - BattleBots tonight!


Biteforce vs. Mohawk

Looks like the shock mounts on biteforce’s wedgelets broke. I wonder why they ran them over the hard mounts shown in the bot pictures against a non KE robot.


There are no hard mounts in that pic. The ones in the picture have white electrical tape wrapped around them to satisfy Travis’ OCD.


best fight of the season so far. Blacksmith vs minotaur !

This fight is easily topping all previous battlebots videos with over 1.7 Million views and counting.
Talk about changing culture fast !


ABC just announced a presidential town hall that will air Thursday at 8/7c. They haven’t announced what will happen to BattleBots, but I’m guessing the episode scheduled for Thursday will air at 9/8c for this week.


It has now been announced (by semi-reliable sources) that BattleBots will be postponed one week, and will run again on Thursday, July 21st, at 8/7c.
BattleBots calendar also seems to be updated, so looks reasonably legitimate.

Source: Chomp


This is correct. Episode 5 will air next week and rhe entire season will be extended one week.


It’s Thursday night again.


I believe this says it all. Likely west coast spoiler.


Sending positive thoughts those in the Pacific Time Zone currently waiting for the RNC to finish. (Don’t worry, the episode will be shown in its entirety once the human Battlebot one step away from being our next president is done talking.)


Bidding War and more Robot TV $$$ being thrown around!


And that is why drones will never be viable in FRC.


I did a literal LOL during the Hypershock vs Warrior Clan.

These matches are often nerd fests, but that one was just plain fun for fans of all stripes.


My favorite part was the next day (of filming) after Hypershock’s fight, a bunch of people showed up with their own anti-drone rakes in the stands. Fun fact: the Hypershock team actually came back from the hardware store with several different types of rakes (wooden, metal, etc) of different sizes and picked their favorite before their match started


Following an Olympic break, BattleBots is back tonight (just 10 minutes in ET/CT, slightly longer out West). Heads up: Next week is the two-hour finale, but due to next week also being Week 4 of the NFL preseason, there may be some preemptions/reschedulings in several markets (more on that next week).


The latest fights from last week.

  1. Yeti vs Mega Tento
  2. Tombstone vs Brutus
  3. Chomp vs Bite Force
  4. Beta vs Nightmare

Why did the vertical spinner break on Bite Force ?


Chomp took out the chain with its hammer.


Here are (via 506sports) the ABC affiliates that are scheduled to air NFL preseason football on Thursday night. Most of them will air Battlebots after Nightline, but check your local listings and add plenty of padding if you’re setting a DVR.

WJLA - Washington, DC
WMUR - Manchester, NH
KTRK - Houston, TX
KNXV - Phoenix, AZ
WEWS - Cleveland, OH
WTVD - Raleigh/Durham, NC
WKRN - Nashville, TN
WSYX - Columbus, OH
KTVX - Salt Lake City, UT
KVUE - Austin, TX
KTNV - Las Vegas, NV
WVEC - Norfolk, VA
WHTM - Harrisburg, PA
WKBW - Buffalo, NY
KTUL - Tulsa, OK
WKEF - Dayton, OH
KITV - Honolulu, HI
KETV - Omaha, NE
WHAM - Rochester, NY
WMTW - Portland, ME
WKOW - Madison, WI
KRGV - Harlingen, TX
WBND - South Bend, IN
WJHL - Tri Cities, TN
WEHT - Evansville, IN
KOLO - Reno, NV
KIVI - Boise, ID
WJBF - Augusta, GA
WYTV - Youngstown, OH
KERO - Bakersfield, CA
WTVM - Columbus GA
WQOW - Eau Claire, WI
WXOW - La Crosse, WI
WAOW - Wausau, WI
WDIO - Duluth, MN
KMID - Odessa, TX
KIMO - Anchorage, AK
WAWV - Terre Haute, IN
WLOX - Biloxi, MS
KTEN - Sherman, TX
KOTA - Rapid City, SD
KJCT - Grand Junction, CO
KSAW - Twin Falls, ID
KTWO - Casper, WY
KQTV - St. Joseph, MO
KATN - Fairbanks, AK
KJUD - Juneau, AK


Best line: That plow looks like Michael Strahan’s smile