Battlebots Season 3!

Episode 1 airs July 12 on the science channel! Hopefully Sci. finds better hosts than ABC. Who are y’all excited to see?

They are just re airing the first two season :frowning:

Is this really a season 3 or just a re-airing of past seasons?

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Well dang. Hooray for reruns, but if it’s worth rerunning the first two seasons, then shouldn’t it be worth another season? Hopefully this is to gauge interest before green-lighting a 3rd season on a different channel.

I hope this is actually season three. If so, I’m excited to see returning bots/teams.

I’m a “bit” of a Bronco fan.

I am an idiot and didn’t read the previous comments. Whoops.

Please, please, please watch it if you can. The Battlebots producers are shopping around to networks for a 3rd season and I’m sure some better ratings would help.

Can this thread get renamed so it’s not so misleading?

Yes, please watch and tell your friends!

Edit: I think they finally found a channel to call home, as SCI’s average viewers are “people like us”. I bet it gets higher ratings in it’s new home :slight_smile:



Realistically there’s no chance of reruns on a third tier network getting ratings as good as new episodes on ABC. “People like us” aka for the most part, those under ~35 are also opting out of cable at a very high rate and won’t even have the ability to watch the science channel.

The main problem all along was ABC didn’t market the show at all and the target audience didn’t even know battlebots was back on air. That won’t change.

As a cable cutter, I would prefer ABC. But if ABC doesn’t want it anymore, this is better than nothing.

Also, yet another voice asking for this thread to be renamed.

But I thought ratings were subjective to the avg. views other shows in the same channel get?

Ratings: How many people are watching.

#1 show: Pick a category, and whichever show (that fits that category) has the most viewers is the #1 show.

Example: Jimmy Fallon vs Stephen Colbert. I don’t think either is the #1 show on their respective networks, but they’re generally duking it out for #1 in their time slots/show type.

There’s an actual Season 3, debuting in 2 days! And, hey, this robot looks a little familiar…

Episode one matchups!

Tell me that is not an IFI Kitbot on the bottom there. Even the bolts look to be in the right spots.

Do we know all the FIRST connections in this year’s newbies? I know Aren Hill is a part of Tantrum, Frederick Moore (graduate of 1293) is part of the Valkyrie team after working on Road Rash last time around, and I know I’m blanking on others.

Amanda Fowler is a former student and mentor on FRC 1089 is working with Team Brutus and Paul Ventimiglia (FRC 254) is back with APTYX Designs and season one winner Bite Force.

Heres a photo without the cover (found on reddit):