BattleBots Tantrum Builder w/ live Q&A & FRC Trivia

On Tuesday 9:00pm Eastern watch and chat live on Roasts and Robots with guest Aren Hill. Aren is the captain and builder of the Battlebot Tantrum and a FRC alumni of 1625 Winnovation and past mentor on several teams.

Aren will guide us through a detailed overview of what it takes to make it in Battlebots and how his experiences in FIRST has lead him to a career of success. Please post any questions you might have for Aren here or ask them live during the show. Please note that due to NDA there may be some current BattleBots questions that may not be able to be answered.

All live viewers will receive a chance to win a giveaway from Word Play All Day. Restrictions apply.

Watch and chat live at

Also FRC Trivia live at 8:00pm & 8:30pm Eastern. Test your FIRST knowledge live amongst other FIRST enthusiasts.

If you had to choose between running DMC-60s or RedLines on a robot, which would you choose and why?

Ok, I’ll see myself out now. :wink:

When do we get to see more Tantrum? 1 fight so far :confused:

No love for Power Wheels Racing in the bio? :wink:

In the last year, which of your projects seemed reasonable, but totally weren’t? Why? (Have you had to bail on any of them? What did you learn from them?)

What was your reasoning for going with a Flipper-style mechanism and what do you see are the pros and cons compared to other popular weapons?

Which motors and speed controllers are well suited for Battlebots (of the weight class shown on the show)? Which ones do you use on your bot and why?


How much hot chocolate was consumed in the making of tantrum?


When fighting, what part of the robot has failed most often?
What do you think is the most critical failure point on your robot?

How do you test your robot prior to competition? It seems like a lot of competitors show up to Battlebots events with no idea how effective (or ineffective) their weapons/defenses actually are vs other robots. (I’m looking at YOU Radioactive 2015) :rolleyes:

What’s your favorite part of Tantrum? There are so many dope bits on it like the wheel pods, launcher choo-choo, and the billet fists, but what was your favorite to design?

How can I get access to all the really cool toys you got to use to build Tantrum?

Do you think spring flippers will ever out preform compressed gas flippers?

How small (weightclass) did you start with battlebots? Were there smaller versions of this type of design that lead you to the version of Tantrum you are competing with currently?

Thank you everyone for your questions! [spoiler=]Except Marshall :eek: [/spoiler]
We’ll still be compiling questions through about 5pm ET today. Afterwords please post them live during the show.

How much time was spent planning (such as brainstorming, designing, and pitching to BattleBots) as opposed to actually building Tantrum? From looking at BattleBots’s website it seems like you have to design your battlebot before before you can even apply.

Starting with FUN Trivia in a few minutes! Come join us!
Also Roasts and Robots at 9pm ET.

Roasts and Robots with BattleBot Creator Aren Starting in a few!

Thank you to Kristine and Tyler for having me on the show.

If we didn’t get to your question or you’ve thought of some other questions for me feel free to ping me here.

I can talk robots for long durations…


Thank you to everyone who tuned in and thank you to Aren for being a great guest to kickoff Roasts and Robots!

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