BattleCry 11 Wrap Video


I’ve posted all of the BattleCry11 videos on YouTube. The match-by-match footage should be available soon. In the meantime check out all of the mash-up videos!

BC11 Wrap Vid:

BC11 Trailer:

BC11 Opening Vid:

BC11 Sat Opening:

Thanks Chris,

The Trailer video, “Turn it up to 11” was so appropriate and hilarious.
Best Engineering joke ever.

The WPI production crew creates an off season event that surpasses regionals.
WPI sets the mark for production.

I know how much work it can be to parse the video of the matches, so I appreciate your work.

Will the matches be on the Blue Alliance, or YouTube?

I actually can’t take any credit for parsing the match videos, someone else is handling that! They won’t be on YouTube, but will be on the Blue Alliance or the BattleCry site…

Is there any chance of video from the human player challenge going online eventually as well?