Battlecry 16 Semifinal 5 #10stacklovin

Semifinal 5 of battlecry our alliance went and said “let’s have some fun” knowing we weren’t moving on. Us (3467) and our alliance captain, 2836, preceded to build two ten stacks and then 3467 shot 4 totes down about 4-5 feet on our platform.

If we lose, lose with style.

Oh and we got a red card for a >6 high stack but the ref signed it for us:D


Some pics:

Best way to end a semi final run!

please tell me someone got video of this, i really want to see this.

I know our video team recorded it but they’re videos that need to be shared via YouTube which will take a while. I’ll have them up by tomorrow night most likely.

Love the signed red card :smiley:

“They scored 21 points officially, but 21 million points in our hearts” -the MC

You can see the match here

Plus our alliance partners were so fun to work with, too. 2836 was great at doing 2 consistent 42-point stacks plus 3 yellow totes for the Bonus Circle and was the main proponent of the 10stack idea. 5686, you were so fun to work with (in the pits and on the field) and we hope you liked our cheesecake :wink:

You guys should have fought the final match score. I could have swore the announcer said you guys got 3,000,000,000 points for that stack. :stuck_out_tongue:

At above twitch start at about 8:16 to see match discussed.

Everyone witnessing this - “Wh - What is that !!?”

Knew we just saw them snatch true victory out of defeat - this was the only moment all season I saw the whole crowd erupt in appreciation of exceptional achievement! congrats Windham and BETA for the moment of the year!

(Overlooked you see 228 at the end stacking 3 stack with RC’s - an amazing overlooked performance by them, a team still working to its peak).

I am just happy to see this in person, and then see the head referee topple it over!

Head Ref “Dancin’ Dave” was nice enough to go to his truck and get a red card for us too. We’ll get a pic up as soon as we can.

3467 and 5686: It was a pleasure working with you. Hope the see you both in Wolcott and/or at Bash at the Beach!

Here’s a video of the full match.

I think I saw some “Noodle Agreement” at the end as well, nice!

The definition of going out with a bang.
I’d have to say though, the best part about this was watching it be knocked down afterwards, the entire crowd had a laugh and a good time. Props to you guys.

That is the best loss ever. My favorite part had to be the stack shooting. Everyone seemed so into it, though. :slight_smile:

Thank you for sharing this with us. I wish I could have been there to see it up close!

Thank you Beta, Windham, and Wirecats for giving everyone in attendance a treat! WPI has hosted two amazing 2015 events this year with some of the best moments of Recycle Rush occurring in the Harrington Arena!

If you weren’t there you really missed out!

What do I search in YouTube to find this video? Local servers block YouTube website, so I have to search on the app.

If the link doesnt work for you, try searching “BattleCry16@WPI SF5”

The channel itself is called “Windham Windup”, or you can find it here ->(

The video is titled “BattleCry16@WPI SF5 - 2x Ten Stacks with 2836 & 5686”, or you can find it here -> (

Hope this helps you find it!