BattleCry 360 degree videos!

This past weekend we put our 360 degree camera on Inigo! Videos are slowly going up on YouTube. The sound’s been stripped off so not to run into copyright issues.

Only two matches are up now but we’ll have ten eventually.

We want to thank our alliance partners, Gus (228) and Bad News Gears (5943)! The quarter final matches will be up soon.

You can find them here:

Ok these are really cool I didn’t know YouTube supported 360 degree video.

Which camera are you using?

If your into FRC 360 video, 865 made some cool videos from the perspective of the driver station

Not sure what device you were using so I’ll mention it anyways because it’s awesome; the camera angle is dictated by the pan and tilt of your phone if you watch on an Android phone in the YouTube app.

We’re using the LG G5 Friends 360 Cam - this is the less expensive version (no warranty)

I know there are better choices out there but there’s only so much in the budget…


Thanks for mentioning that!

If you’re watching it on a desktop / laptop, just clicking on the video allows you to move the field of view around.