BattleCry 4 Video Summary

This is the video that we produced real-time during the competition to be shown before the awards ceremony. Since it was the first time we had a camera crew at BattleCry, we figured “why the heck not,” about making a video. Myself and Justin W. composed this video throughout the entire day.

It really shows what a great event we put on. I think we are the closest to representing a FIRST regional of all the off-season comps. You may also notice that on the big-screen we also included instant-replays, interviews to kill the time between matches, and also animations (sort of like the Home Run animations at a ballpark).

Unfortunately we were not able to include any of the elimination matches footage because that’s when we had to compile all the video we captured and photos we took, as well as rendering. What a pain the rendering was… the video finished rendering (for the 3rd time) only about 5 minutes before it was to be shown phew.

Anyway, I’ve had a few people asking for it, sorry it took so long to get up here, I’ve just been so busy with everything.

So here it is… be warned, it’s a 34MB file, with the latest DivX encoding… if it doesnt work, that means you need to download the latest DivX codec at

Very nice and several shots of our team in there too, that was cool, Good work.

well after 30 min of tryin every player I know… ( and yes I have divx downloaded ) I couldn’t get it to work… just music ( which is good ) and a screen that says battle cry… the woody part works… which is wierd but the rest is just music and the words battle cry

You need the LATEST DivX… I had some other people saying they had the same problem. They had DivX, but not the latest version. Try that and see if it works :slight_smile:

jolly good job m8


Finally got it work great presentation… it looked like a blast

mayb I’ll get to go next year