Battlecry Gameshow 08!

In the tradition of the late great gameshow host Peter Tomarken…

When robots and game shows cross paths
There is sure to be plenty of laughs
Just hope when its your time to play
That evil ol’ Whammy keeps away
If your knowlege of FIRST is tight
And you set “Big Bucks” in sight
It could be YOU
Who is the winner of the day

Comming soon…

Press Your Luck…FIRST style!

Big Money No Whammy!

Dangit, Grady, rub it in that I have to graduate and move out the same weekend as BattleCry this year! :stuck_out_tongue:

Yo, dog, we’ll miss you!
~Paula and Simon

Oh man, I can’t WAIT for BattleCry now!

Not like I wasn’t excited before… this just adds to it.
Looking forward to another awesome gameshow!

I don’t think I’ve missed one of Mr. Grady’s gameshows yet and I sure won’t miss this one.

So… Can one predict a return of the Red Trackball costume ala’ The Connecticut Regional, but this time with a yellow cape, & huge dollar sign on the front of it?


If it hadn’t been thought of yet, I call dibs on doing that! :smiley:

Here is your chance to be a part of the game. We are looking for people who know flash and can make animations. Why? Well we don’t have the time to develop as many animated Whammies as we would like and also get the game to work right. If you are interested in animating some Whammies for us please PM me and I can get you some more information.