Battlecry III is FULL!!!! as of 2:30 PM on May 1

Thats is insane

It went faster than the regionals!!!

when will the list of teams going be public?


I counted the teams on the bcry website and it looked like about 20 teams…I always thought Bcry was closer to 30 teams…but perhaps i’m mistaken.


Any team that attend last year and filled out the survey after would be giving a spot this year. Not all the teams that have filled out surveys have signed up for BattleCry III offically. They each have a grace period, I am not sure what it is. But there will be 30 teams so still sign up to be placed on the wait list because you never know what might happen.

Heheheh, yea it’s crazy. Luckily we found out that it filled up quick, and had students down in the computer lab to sign up as soon as registration opened :slight_smile:

West Islip RoboTechs, Team 871
^^^Representing both rookie teams and Long Island^^^


Here’s the list of Battlecry @ WPI III warriors as of 3 May 2001 @ noon:

40 - Pioneers - Manchester NH
42 - PARTS - Hudson NH
61 - Intimidators - Upton MA
88 - TJ Squared - Bridgewater MA
96 - LEGO Maniacs - Springfield MA
105 - COWBOTS - Charlton MA
121 - Islanders - Middletown RI
125 - NU-TRONS - Boston MA
126 - Gael Force - Clinton MA
131 - CHAOS - Manchester NH
140 - PRIDE FIRST - Tynsboro MA
151 - Wild Cards - Nashua NH
155 - Techno-nuts - Berlin CT
157 - Aztechs - Marlborough MA
166 - BluePrints - Merrimack NH
173 - RAGE - East Hartford CT
175 - Buzz - Windsor Locks CT
176 - Aces High - Windsor Locks CT
177 - Bobcats - South Windsor CT
190 - Gompei and the HERD - Worcester MA
209 - DRRT - North Dighton MA
228 - Gus - Meriden CT
237 - TRIBE - Watertown CT
246 - Overclocked - Boston MA
271 - Mechanical Marauders - Bay Shore NY
348 - Clippers - Norwell MA
467 - Alpha Colonials - Shrewsbury MA
501 - The Power Knights - Manchester NH
596 - SciClones - Hopkinton MA
663 - Crusaders - Whitinsville MA
839 - Rosie Robotics - Agawam MA
871 - WIHS RoboTechs - West Islip NY

And on reserve pending confirmation from previous warriors (note nick’s message above):

782 - Killawattz - Torrington CT
311 - Red Jammers - Islip Terrace NY
562 - Technoraiders - Fitchburg MA

…It’s a great list of teams and looks to be an exciting competition again this year!

For an ever updating list, visit

For general information:

See you all there! And we’ll be seeing all those folks heading to Rally on the 18th, looks to be quite a challenging and fun time as well!! :slight_smile:

i’ll tell ya what …looking at this list of teams…and just who’s going …they should broudcast this thing over the web because were gonna see some of the best of the best in action that weekend …

you might even see thoughs dream match ups that you all talked about …and of corse GRUDGE MATCHS …

So if your not ready yet bring that duct tape …theres no reason the stop it now…!!

Where are the Cyber Knights we need a rematch of UTC!!!

were is 69 aswell .???

There are still a couple veterens from last year that have not replied saying they want to go… 69 for one, i think 95 as well…so the Battlecry crew is waiting to hear back…

Rumor has it we’ll be expanding to fit a few more teams than last year though… but that’s just a rumor cause i’m running the team and not on battlecry staff… we make a distinct difference :slight_smile:

With the list we have now I think Battlecry is going end up being a continuation of UTC plenty of talent and plenty of hitting.

I’d say Battlecry will be an enhancement of UTC… lots of the talent from that competition, adding in a few teams that weren’t there like us (190) and hopefully Einstein winners and Championship runner-up 311 etc… There are several regional winners, several chairman’s winners, and many award winners…

I can’t wait to see how the competition rounds out for Battlecry… T190 will definitely be ready for some exciting matches…