Battlecry Live Auction Draft - How much is 195, 694, 1073, 2168 or 5687 Worth? Tuesday 8:30pm ET w/Amazon Gift Card for Winner

Who do you have your eye on for Battlecry?

Battlecry20 is coming up this weekend but if you could make your own ultimate set of teams who would command the highest amount? Join us live Tuesday at 8:30pm eastern for the Battlecry Live Draft. We have 6 Fantasy Teams who each have 200 FUN Bucks to bid and spend to assemble their ultimate alliance in this auction draft. You can critique their bids live and then also assemble your own alliance paying the prices paid by the live draft teams!

Our winning live and pick’em team will receive a $10 Amazon Gift Card

Not sure how it works? Here’s an example of how Chezy Champs went last year!

Watch and heckle along at

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Are there any teams going who are well known outside their region AND were first overall pick in their division?



About to start! Come see how much a team not very well known outside their area goes for in this live draft!

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