BattleCry Webcast

The BattleCry webcast and live rankings/on deck has been active since 4pm, the event is going great, definitely check it out. Matches end at 9pm tonight and resume tomorrow at 8am!!

—Straight from the BC8 (the ocho!) admin balcony! :cool:

What’s the story with the two tone lettering in the rankings?
It’s nearly impossible to read.

It was fixed, but somehow un-fixed itself without anyone touching it. I’m told that it works just fine with Firefox…

To add to the list of streaming players for the webcast. Flip4Mac works as well :slight_smile:

Side note props to GUS for the drive by autonomous!

I just fixed the issue with IE. I am not sure why it unfixed itself because the code I put into it suddenly disappeared and I was alerted to the issue until 11. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Just so everyone knows you don’t have to refresh the rankings display, it will automatically get new information every two minutes.

Allright, Andy!
Congrats to both you and Jess!
You know you have to get married at next year’s Battlecry.:smiley:

I was about 20 feet away, and I heard Andy start talking. As soon as he mentioned Jess, the proposaldar kicked in and the camera came out. I’ve got some CD-grade pictures once I get somewhere other than the Worcester train station.

But no video?
Oh man, Billfred you’re slipping…

Congratulations Jess & Andy!
May you have many successful and happy years together…
and in FIRST, of course !

Pictures are coming!

okay 2 things…

1 im sad i couldnt have gone and i woulda missed the magic moment anyways work was at 3 and 2… when will the archives be up!?!

okay #3… was the moment caught on tape? im assuming so since koko saw it on the webcast…

But was anyone recording the moment?

well i am assuming yeah i know its a bad thing that since it was being webcasted that EVERYTHING that was shown was archived and has to be edited… but who knows /shrug

lets hope eh koko?

Yes it was caught on tape… and on memory card and what not. lol

The entire video feed was recorded for Team 190 use, so we’ve got that as well.

I got it too Elgin =D awesome!!!

On behalf of all the video production crew, we’re glad you all enjoyed the webcast. We had a blast putting it together.

And, as Evan said, all the event video was archived at better-than-webcast quality, so a good quality clip of the proposal should be posted at some point.