BattleCry@WPI 11 - Registration opens 1-Apr

No joke!

Registration for the 11th BattleCry@WPI will open to all teams on Thursday, 1-Apr at promptly 0800.

To register, go to and click on “Enter the Fray”. At 0800, the page will change to include a link to the registration system.

BE CAREFUL! Each year, we wipe the data from the previous year so all teams must use the “Register new team” link (don’t try to log-in with last year’s info).

BattleCry@WPI will offer the same great things as always ($350 registration includes 10 t-shirts, 10 lunches, 10 BBQ dinner, 10 ice cream social, and unlimited team social participant). The committee is working hard on making it better than ever! This year’s event will take place on 7-8 May in WPI’s Harrington Auditorium in Worcester, MA.

Any questions, email!

Bring back “Back in Black!”:smiley: :smiley:

Every time I hear AC/DC, I think of the finals! Unfortunately, they show a booking for that date already (but yeah, it’s listed as TBA…).

We’ll see what we can pull together for BC11!

Only if they turn the volume down a bit please.

This registration time may be a little difficult for teams attending Week Five events; hopefully there’s good 3G coverage at the Hartford Convention Center…

Does the event fill that fast? I was going to proper going to Battlecry depending on what happens in Hartford, but if the spots fill up in a day there’s no way it’s happening.

I was thinking the same thing.

They fill incredibly fast, I believe I heard it was less than 20 minutes last year…I could be recalling incorrectly, but it’s much less than a day. It’s less than even an hour.

I thought Battlecry was already filled up.

There will be 48 teams registered within the first hour, however a lot of them will drop out. I have been on teams that have registered well after the slots were filled who still got in.

In past years, pretty much every team makes it in off the Ready Reserves. Teams have changes in plans and availability so they have to drop out before the event.

I believe in BC9 and BC10 all ready reserve teams who wanted a spot got a spot (and both years we had a team drop 1-3 days before the event and ran the event one team short… )

So no matter what, keep on signing up if you are interested in coming! Week 5 events don’t open to the general public until 8:30A, so have someone stay at the hotel, on the phone in the car, etc and sign up promptly at 8AM!

Tactical Update #1 has been posted for BattleCry@WPI 11. It includes the game tweaks for this year!

Check it out…

We’ll be holding a NEMO workshop on getting parents involved on your team, Saturday, 10am-noon, Student Center. More details will be sent to team via the tactical update. Open to all adult/college mentors, please spread the word.

Can someone please update the match results and rankings on the Battlecry website?
I need that information to score my Fantasy FIRST league.

I can’t speak for the battlecry website, but I have attached the match results and rankings:

BattleCry 11 Rankings
Match Results

Note than in the finals that there were a few cases where a final went to four matches because there was a tie. In these cases the tied match was replayed, and the original match score is not listed on the match results page.

Could you also list award winner as well. please?

Any ideas when the videos will become available?

We will be posting all the match videos soon. They are currently being split and edited for the web.

All the produced videos are available here:

Award winners will also be posted soon when we have Tactical Update #4 ready, but here they are for now:

Medal of Honor: 134
Purple Heart: 166
Engineering Excellence: 1058
Noncombatant Service: 2648
General Staff: 839
General Staff: 61
General Staff: 190
Awesome Offense: 1519
Dominating Defense: 228
Best BattleCry: 2648
Air Superiority: 20, 157, 228
Top Gun: 78

Any word on when Tactical Update #4 will be out?