BattleCry@WPI 14 - Reg Open 2-Apr 1200

That Ready Reserves list looks pretty stacked, I hope some of them are able to get in the competition. If so, we could end up with the best of WPI, GSR, BOS, and CT combined which would make for a verydeep field. And some incredible QF, SF, and Finals!

The Operations Order page has been updated with the correct dates/times. We are excited to have a team from VA join us, along with the many Northeast BC veterans and rookies!

We may never match Rumble at the Rock (I was there in the hurricane too!), but we do our best to make sure each team has a great time and we kick off the ‘off-season’ with a bang!

We always welcome experienced and non-experienced volunteers at our event. It’s also a great way to get your feet wet and try out a volunteer position you may have interest in doing at an official FIRST event! To volunteer, sign up here and our VC Ruth will contact you as we get closer to BC about your assigned position.

And Ready Reserves shouldn’t fret… we usually go several teams deep on the list to fill spots as we get closer to the event. As always, we ask Challenger teams to notify us as soon as possible if they run into a problem and cannot attend!

I’m trying to decide if I want to volunteer, and 1124 is #2 on the Ready Reserves. BC13 was a blast last year, and I bet it’ll be even better this summer. I can’t wait!

My heart was pounding out of my chest at 12:01, I must admit.

I truly hope that no one took my original post seriously! Remember the old days when it would take 20 minutes to fill up? Was that just 2 years ago?

I think that was 2-3 years ago Brian… there was one year we accidentally forgot to announce to teams the time/day it opened. That year it took about 25 minutes to fill.

We hope that all team realize that BC14 isn’t the only show in town… there are plenty of wonderful New England and Northeast off-seasons (Beantown Blitz, Mayhem in Merrimack, Bash at the Beach, River Rage, Mainely Spirit, to name a few).

FRC190 hosts their ‘Beginning of the Season (BotS)’ at the beginning of May, because we consider the off-season events where the real fun begins! If your team does not attend a lot of off-seasons, we highly recommend it!

1519 is very excited to be playing at Battlecry again!

I have two questions regarding the event…

First, where will the pits/field be located? In the same location it has in prior years (Harrington Auditorium) or the new Sports & Recreation Center?

Second, how close together are the 2 Bonus Circles? The rule change for Battlecry says they’re located along the center line… and it mentions a single robot covering them both is worth 15 points, so I assume they’re close together… Are they tangent to each other? 18" apart center-to-center?

Battlecry is always one of our favorite events (if not the favorite!)… Can’t wait!

The pit/field setup will be similar to the WPI Regional. For those of you who did not attend the regional (not sure why this would happen)… the Playing Field will be in Harrington centered between the two sets of bleachers (yes, both sides are available for your viewing pleasure).

The Pits are located in the adjacent, level-access Sports & Rec Center.

As for the BC’s… they are located on the centerline, 15" apart center-to-center.

Thank you for the information!

Team 3467 is extremely excited for BC! Definitely a highlight event of the year for us now and one of my favorites! WPI really knows how to host an event!

I am happy to report that 558 will now be there - as the placebo bot, unless another team drops out. Either way, we’re happy to head to back to WPI to play with our friends!:slight_smile:

My team (TerrorBots) will be there (as a competitor)! I will personally see you there with my 3rd year volunteering for this event, this year as Field Reset! SEE YOU ON FRIDAY!

Also… the BC14 Trailer is ready!

We can’t wait to see everyone at BattleCry@WPI 14 on May 17-18!

Thanks for letting me know - I’ll make sure the various groups on the team know where to be!

cant wait for battle-cry only two days until we leave for it, after being finalist last year as an 11 seed anything can a will happen.

That was perhaps one of the coolest robotics things ever! Glad to have worked with you and 175 on that alliance.

yeah, that was awesome, unfortunately I don’t see buzz on the team list but im sure at some point we will cross paths on the field again.

With so many of the CT teams at the State Championship, I’m surprised to see so many of them doing back to back offseasons especially toward the end of the school year.

Blah, why can’t it be Friday afternoon already!:rolleyes:

For the Gaelhawks BattleCry is a tradition not to be missed. Besides the CT State Championship is only on Saturday so they didn’t miss any school. For us the bigger issue was the kids that had to leave early to get ready for prom. :slight_smile:

We’re in as a full competitor! Psyched to get to play again with so many great robots, and some we haven’t had the pleasure of seeing yet.:o

Glad to see you guys made it in! You all had a fantastic performance at the CT State Championship, and I hope you can repeat it at BattleCry!

I also hope everyone is excited for the team social on Friday night! We’re putting in a lot of work to make it fun for everyone. There will be board games, a whole slew of party-style video games, VEX robots to play with and more.

In fact, the thing I am looking forward to the most is going to be Andy Grady’s game show, a FIRST version of the Match Game! You certainly don’t want to miss this, so make sure you catch it at the Campus Center stage, right in the doors are you come inside from eating at the ice cream bar!

Also, during the day on Saturday, we will be hosting BattleCry trivia! We have a whole slew of trivia questions that we will be displaying on the big screen between each match. You can text your answer to a number that will be displayed on the screen. The person with the most points will win a great prize! And heck, you might even learn a few things about FIRST in the process.

I hope everyone is ready for a fun time at BattleCry this year!

Good to see other CT teams also have their priorities straight. We have never missed BattleCry!