BattleCry@WPI 20: Reg opens 18-Apr at 1200

Looks amazing! Can’t wait for this event!

I’m really happy with the changes to alliance selection. I love that our scouts will be able to get practice making second picks (as long as we’re picked before round 2). I’m also excited to see how the round robin format plays out.

One clarification question: is Championship score cumulative over the eighth-finals and round robin, or does it reset going into the Round Robin?

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Four-robot alliances! I love it!

Is it “All four alliance robots must play at least once (during the Eighth-finals and the Round Robin).” or “All four alliance robots must play (at least once during the Eighth-finals) and ([at least once] during the Round Robin).”?

The “bonus circle” sounds interesting, I am interested to see how that plays out!

It’s intended to be the latter. I’ll look at adjusting the wording to make it clear!

It resets. We’ll make sure the wording is cleaned up on that as well!

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Interesting choice of wording about the Bonus Circle:

HAB Climb Bonus: BC – each robot completely covering the BONUS CIRCLE (BC) at the end of the match.

I wonder how you can get more than one robot “completely covering” the BC? :thinking:

If you liquify 2 of the bots, and then get the third one to pour them over the circle that could work.

Well, you can still do a ramp bot or the like and have one robot climb on top of another. Though I don’t know how often it’d be worthwhile for a level-2-equivalent climb, especially given that you’d get a G14 Yellow Card.

Though then again, G14 only applies to partner robots, so you could in theory do a coopertition thing where a robot on one alliance allows a robot on the other alliance to climb onto it, allowing both alliances to get the Bonus Circle.

But the rule needs to define what happens regardless, for when there’s a giant heap of robots on top due to the “vigorous interaction” that BattleCry often encourages around the BC Dot.

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Does anyone know if BattleCry 20 will be streaming on or on ?

On WPI Robotics

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Does anybody have playoff results? Even an image of that score breakdown for the round robin would be great. The formatting on the blue alliance makes the data for playoffs unusable.

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Thank you for making Battlecry the best! This was my first Battlecry and it was, hands-down, probably my favorite competition in my history of FIRST. It had the action, the friendships, and everything you’d want. Although I only attended Saturday, I was so hyped.

I’ll be attending next year once again, thank you thank you thank you!


Thank you everyone for attending this year! It was a ton of fun, and we’re already excited for BC 21 next year!

If you want to watch the matches again, we’ve got them up at our YouTube, and at least all the quals and the finals will be on TBA shortly.


Thank you to the Battlecry planning committee and WPI for putting on a great event. It was a fantastic way to wrap up my four years mentoring 2791. I’d also like to give a huge shout out to 6328, 3623, and 1735 for being great to work with and helping us pull off the upset win.


Thank you for picking us! :slight_smile:


All Battlecry playoff matches are now on The Blue Alliance, and match videos will be uploaded shortly. Thanks to @jtrv and @plnyyanks for making that happen!


Looks good.

Will the event matches trickle down to team pages immediately or overtime? I only tried it for teams in the finals, but if you go to 7462 and 3467’s pages the elim matches are missing EF and RR. 2791, 6328, 3623, & 4041 are updated with proper matches and videos.

Thanks for working on updating TBA in the offseason!

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That’s a @plnyyanks question, but it’s likely they will be soon (the team pages are cached for a while)