BattleCry@WPI 21 - Event Update/Survey

Hi all – normally this time of year we are posting about registration opening soon! We hope once the craziness of the world settles down, we will be doing just that. For now, we sent out a message to past BC competitors about the future, and it includes a link to a survey. If your team would be interested in attending BattleCry@WPI 21 (or maybe even 21A & 21B), please read the copy of the email below (and I corrected the errors in the survey for those early adopters):

Greetings teams-

We know times are tough right now, but we’d like to start looking towards the future. We are sending out a survey (link below) to past BC competitors or folks that have shown an interest in participating in BC21.

The event is currently scheduled for June 13-14th. The reality is that WPI might require the event to be postponed. We don’t know yet, and have told the powers that be that we can wait until later (early May) to make a final decision. We are also currently considering either adding a second event the following weekend (or running the suspended WPI District, depending on what FIRST/NE FIRST plans are).

We have developed this survey to find out from teams if that date makes practical sense, or realistically if they think their teams would even be able to participate given the current situation in their communities. We know you don’t know all the answers for sure, we are just asking you to make your best guess right now based on the info you have, knowing your school leadership, etc. We might find out that most teams don’t think they could attend a June event no matter what, in which case we could make the decision now to postpone. If teams think it’s likely they could compete, we might hold off to give WPI more time to decide what the future holds.

No matter the results of the survey, the decision to when campus will open to large events is ultimately up to WPI’s well-informed emergency response team, who is taking into consideration a wide variety of factors as well as putting careful thought and discussion into their decisions.

If we postpone the event, it would likely be moved to late August/early September (potentially looking at Aug 28-30 and then also Sep 4-6 for back-to-back weekends) when the world might be returned to a sense of normalcy. Actual dates will depend on a number of factors around campus including other postponed events, gathering restrictions that still may be in place, etc. However, our goal would be to run BC21 in 2020.

We ask that one mentor per team respond to the survey by Tuesday, March 31st at 10AM.

BC21 Survey:



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Director, Robotics Resource Center
Worcester Polytechnic Institute
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Missing DCMP? Bummer.
Missing worlds? Big bummer.
Missing BattleCry? NO WAY!

As long as we’re allowed with state and local rules, 1058 will do everything we can to be there!!


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