BattleCry@WPI 21 - It's on!

We are excited to finally be able to confirm that BattleCry@WPI 21 will be happening and it’s coming up soon! Spots are still available, so please read below if you are interested as this will look different from the past.

For more info, visit

  • There are two dates available, July 31st and August 1st. Register for one or both.
  • Cost is $300 for one event, $450 to attend both. Each team will receive 10 event t-shirts.
  • Event is limited capacity, so we will only be accepting 24 teams and a max of 10 individuals per team may attend in-person.
  • Each day will feature 6-7 qualifying matches per team, followed by a 24 team round robin tournament. This means most teams will get around 12 matches.
  • At this time, we can only accept teams from MA, CT, RI, NH, VT, ME, NY, NJ, PA.
  • This event is not open to the public. It will be streamed at

To register your team:
To register to volunteer:

COVID Guidelines:

  • We HIGHLY ENCOURAGED teams only bring vaccinated individuals to the event. All volunteers must be vaccinated.
  • Masks are required indoors at all times regardless of status. Only water may be consumed indoors, all other food/drink is outdoor only where you are allowed to remove your mask.
  • Besides team registration, each individual team member must pre-register, sign a waiver, and be checked in upon arrival.

125 is pumped to finally take the field with our 2020 robot. We’ve been working on all sorts of other stuff, but it didn’t just feel right to let our 2020 creation go without any field time. Looking forward to getting out there!

Also big thanks to the BC planning committee for making the COVID protocols clear and well communicated.


Any info about ball condition? New or old, and will they be replaced if warn down? I want to ensure everything is tuned to the right amount of wear and tear. I can’t wait for battlecry!


I wish I could go but I already have a previous commitment planned.
What a bummer!


The balls we have are all new or barely used (no real signs of wear or damage). Obviously this will change throughout the event, and Sunday’s game pieces will be less likely to be brand new than Saturday’s.


Looking forward to the weekend! Are there rule changes, and if so, are they posted somewhere?


per this: Rules of Engagement | BattleCry at WPI
there are no rule changes, however it does not explicitly say whether using 2020 or 2021 rules , but I am assuming it is 2021 rules (?).

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No dot? How will we ever survive without the dot!?!


The first line of the Rules of Engagement page states:

Unless noted below, BC will be played by all appropriate 2021 FIRST Infinite Recharge rules.

The one exception, as noted further down, are the Round Robin rules, which reference section 11.10 of the 2020 manual (the 2021 manual did not include any rules related to the 2021 Championship)

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No dot!?.. I know, I was overruled!

In reality though, the BC rules changes are usually enacted to try to fix ‘problems’ perceived in the game and also even the playing field some since we do a random draw of the last partner. However, since so many teams have never been on a field with a 2020 robot, and we never really saw the game fully play out to know what needs adjustment, it seemed right to leave the game unmodified.


I hope all other off seasons this year follow this justification. We had only 2ish weeks of competition in 2020 so it’s nice to see regular matches.

166 is wicked excited to compete on the 31st!


I’m selfishly so sad I didn’t make the 10 person cut off so can’t be there (appropriately so, I’ll add)! But so happy our students get to participate, thank you to WPI!


We are looking forward to playing on the Sunday.

@ColleenShaver do you think the scoring will be uploaded live to the FRC/TheBlueAlliance system?

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@prensing It will not be uploaded live. The off-season version of the FMS does not support this for Infinite Recharge (so don’t expect it for any off-season events this year as far as I am aware).

If we can periodically update TBA through the day we will, but it will not be live. No matter what, we plan to upload to TBA after the event.

We also plan to have a projector for matches, plus separate TV for rankings.


SITREP 1 has been posted, with information on registration, COVID protocols, schedule, load in, game changes, and awards.


… game changes …


It’s happening!


SITREP 2 has been posted. For teams attending, please be sure to read and disseminate information on morning check-in and load in.

BC 21 will be broadcast on, as well as with our friends at RSN on their channel, Follow channels now to be notified when we go live on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Matches will be recorded and archived via Twitch and Youtube. Videos and match results will be posted to The Blue Alliance.


Saturday alliances:

third picks were random. no declines.

final rankings


Assuming I’m understanding them correctly, the new decline rules - anyone can decline but if they decline and are not an alliance captain, they get placed in the random 4th robot drawing – open up some really interesting and fun possibilities. If a team gets asked to join a below average alliance, I would strongly consider declining and taking your chances with a random alliance. It would, however, be pretty awkward to get randomly placed on the alliance you declined though…

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