Battlecry@WPI 22 - Reg Opens Apr 29 @ 1200 ET

Greetings teams!

Registration for the 22nd annual BattleCry@WPI will open this Friday, April 29 at noon. This is open to any FRC team interested in competing.

BC22 is a two-day event (June 4-5th) hosted at WPI. It will feature all the lights, sounds, and excitement of a regional-level competition for only $400. Included in your registration fee is guaranteed entry to the playoffs, 10 event t-shirts, and the return of fun-titivies.

To register, click on Register/Enter the Fray at

Even if your team does not wish to compete, you can [volunteer here ]( []! We are looking for new people to fill new roles, so if it’s your first time volunteering, you want to try a new job, or you are looking at how to advance in your volunteering skills, this is the place to sign up! We have experienced folks leading the charge and ready to train new people and new positions to help NE FIRST build their volunteer base!

Looking forward to celebrating 22 years of BattleCry@WPI with the best event yet!


Do we get to bang nails into the floor? :slight_smile:


Not sure our Athletics folks would like us doing that on the basketball court in Harrington…


How does this work? Do you have only a small number of teams competing or just a massive playoff bracket?

We typically have 54-64 teams at the event. We do 4 teams alliances (with a requirement that all 4 play). We have not published the playoff structure this year, but it will likely be that each alliance plays two matches, and then the top 6 teams ranked coming out of those matches play a round-robin just like Championship.

You can get a feel for the past structure used by looking at this: BattleCry 20 (2019) - The Blue Alliance

We usually get about 7 quals per team plus two playoff matches, guaranteeing each team 8-9 matches. Then 24 teams get another 5 matches in the round robin.

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Will Battlecry be allowing spectators this year? Mainly for people like parents and friends who may not be interested in volunteering but would like to see a competition. Haven’t had that opportunity at any events in NE this year so I’m curious what offseasons will allow.

The Battlecry Never Ending Playoffs. Featuring all 60 teams in attendance!


We plan on it unless FIRST/NE FIRST put other restrictions on events that we need to follow in order to use the fields.


New England - Tough as Nails!


Bumping this thread because registration is open!


Registration link took me to BC20 registration (instead of 22). I submitted and got confirmation before realizing it was for the wrong year. Any suggestions? I’m sure we will be waitlisted at this point…

The link is updated and working! Still a few spots left.

It still takes me to BC20.


Switched devices. All set. Thank you Colleen!

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Hello! My team is Looking Forward to competing at Battlecry for the first time. It will be our 2nd time at a competition within New England - our first and only other time being the 2009 Connecticut Regional.

I know this will be posted eventually, but for travel planning purposes, roughly what time does the event usually end on Sunday?

Anything else relevant you can share for a n00b BC team coming in from (well) outside of New England? Load in expectations, trailer parking, etc.?

Thanks in advance.


We will be posting the schedule after or committee meeting tomorrow night. Typically the event is done around 5-6pm on Sunday.

We allow load-in on Friday and try to have the field open for practice in the afternoon/evening. Teams are welcome to come Saturday AM also.

There will also be trailer parking.

We will post more info on the website soon!


But… why mystery balls? Seems like no real added strategic value and might just mess up a team’s existing 2 ball auto.


  • ADDED Definition: BONUS CIRCLE – A single 12″ circle centered and attached to the front of the opposing ALLIANCE player station 1 with the bottom of the circle touching the carpet.

Wouldn’t this definition make the bonus circle be inside the opponent’s hangar?


It’s intended to be the station not in the hangar area and I just wrote the wrong one. I’ll update it accordingly!

Soooooooooo I guess the rule changes were posted? :stuck_out_tongue:

Bonus circle location was updated:

  • ADDED Definition: BONUS CIRCLE – A single 12″ circle centered and attached to the front of the opposing ALLIANCE player station 3 with the bottom of the circle touching the carpet.

Still has the bizarre mystery balls, however, which just sound annoying to play with

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