BattleCry@WPI 23 -- Registration Opens Friday April 14th!

Greetings teams!

Registration for the 23rd annual BattleCry@WPI will open this Friday, April 14 at noon. This is open to any FRC team interested in competing.

BC23 is a two-day event (June 3-4) hosted at WPI. It will feature all the lights, sounds, and excitement of a regional-level competition for only $500. Included in your registration fee is guaranteed entry to the playoffs, 10 event t-shirts, and fun-titivies!

Registration fee will be reduced to $425 for any team who provides two full-day volunteers for the new WPI FLL International Open on June 9-11.

To register, click on Register/Enter the Fray at

Even if your team does not wish to compete, you can volunteer (link to be added soon!). We are always looking for new people to fill new roles, so if it’s your first time volunteering, you want to try a new job, or you are looking at how to advance in your volunteering skills, this is the place to sign up! We have experienced folks leading the charge and ready to train new people and new positions to help New England and FIRST build their volunteer base!

Looking forward to celebrating 23 years of BattleCry@WPI with the best event yet!


Can’t help but notice

Elimination Matches Begin (Format TBD)

In the schedule. Are you deciding between Round Robin and Double Elimination? Is there a secret, third option? When will we know?

BC@WPI is one of my favorite events, on-season or off, East coast or West. Looking forward to attending regardless of whether my teams will be there (but I’ll try to make sure they will!)


We will post rule updates/changes and elims format soon after Championship most likely!


Had a blast volunteering last year, can’t wait for this year’s event!

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Will there be an option for teams to utilize the on campus dorms as an alternative to hotels in the area again?


We are evaluating with Res Services but I would say it’s unlikely.

There are a lot of logistical, practical, and safety concerns associated with a bunch of kids and adults from a bunch of different teams on the same floor in shared bathrooms. There are accessibility and inclusion issues too, like all the beds are lofted making it a challenge for mobility-impaired folks and ensuring the safety and comfort of non-binary or transgender participants within the often expected (and HS required) male/female designated floors and bathrooms.

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The gateway to the off season has arrived!


Team 48 is efforting to attend again.


We hope you can make it! Let us know how we can help!


And awaayyyyyyyyyyyyy we go.


Registered list has populated:

I noticed that the money is due at the end of the week. When does everyone know if they will be removed from the waitlist and if you are not removed from the waitlist will you get the money back?

Only registered teams should and are expected to pay. Wait-list teams should not pay until they are assigned to the event and they will provided a payment deadline.

The upcoming deadline is so we can start clearing the wait-list sooner rather than later so people have maximum time to plan.

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Great! Thank you. I gave the idea to apply to battlecry and hoping that we get to go.

Hyped. This team list looks great!


Pondering what game / rule changes will be added this year.

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Charge stations will be locked into tilted position; they are now charge ramps. Extra points for sweet tricks.


sooo… if i use the charge station as a ramp and land my robot on top of the middle cube node as an endgame “climb” can i get an extra ranking point??? :joy: :joy: :joy:


So…no changes then? :money_mouth_face:


Who wants a cone stacking battle at midfield? Anyone? Bueller?