Battleship Blast 2022 Update

Hi FRC Teams,
Sorry for the delay in reporting an update, but we’ve been feverishly trying to work out a path forward to hold the Battleship Blast off-season event at LA Fleet Week on it’s new time on Memorial Day weekend. This year, LA Fleet Week has reduced their footprint due to the concurrence of an active adjacent cruise ship terminal and reduced dock space. Ship tours will be held in a remote location near the Battleship and visitors will be transported to/from the main area to the ship tour area. This year, due to a recent change in plans for the military, LA Fleet Week has dramatically increased their military equipment displays. As such, we were not able to allocate enough space to host a full field and pits setup to hold Battleship Blast during LA Fleet Week. We are working with the Battleship Iowa team to provide another opportunity later this summer or early fall to still hold the Battleship Blast off-season competition. Teaser: options may include competing on the actual deck of the Battleship Iowa. More to follow…