Battleship Blast at LA Fleet Week in Southern California 9/3-6 - FREE competition

Well, the last two FIRST Robotics seasons have been quite a challenge. Many of you have been waiting for an opportunity to participate in a robotics competition in person and get reacquainted with other teams. You are in luck, LA Fleet Week has announced they will be holding an in-person event enabling Team 3309 to offer the Battleship Blast competition once again.

Battleship Blast is a free off-season competition consisting of three one-day competitions held on Labor Day Weekend hosted by Friarbots Team 3309 and LA Fleet Week. The event is an opportunity for
over 45 teams to share the fun of competition with new team members and get to know other FRC teams. In order to remove barriers to entry, there will not be any registration fees. We will have the Southern California full regulation field setup to make the game play as realistic as possible. We will have referees and scorers as well as a full complement of volunteers. We are asking that each team provide at least two volunteers to help us run the event.

Volunteers needed! Even if you are not on a team, we can use your help. Please use this
Battleship Blast 2021 Volunteer Signup Form if you are interested in helping or you are volunteering for your team. No experience required for most roles. Have fun and be part of this exciting robotics competition. Bring your whole family and volunteer together, then spend the rest of the day taking ship tours and checking out all the other LA Fleet Week attractions and events.

The event will be held on September 3-6, at the World Cruise Center, 100 Swinford St, San Pedro, CA 90731 and we will start early each day with load in allowing the teams 1 hour to setup their pits and get prepared to compete. Each Day, we’ll need to be out of the building by 6pm so teams will need to pack up their pit quickly and move it outside the building for load out. Teams will only be able to load in in the morning and load out in the evening.

This event will be held in conjunction with and for the benefit of the LA Fleet Week STEM Expo. There will be lots of activities to attract thousands of visitors. In 2019, there were more than 200,000 visitors, so lot’s of outreach opportunities. We will comply with all LA Fleet Week, local, state and federal COVID guidelines and the requirements will be updated as we get closer to the event.

If your team is interested in participating, please complete the following application as soon as possible and no later than the application deadline below.

Battleship Blast 2021 Application Form (please only one application per team

Application Open: July 8
Application Closes: August 1, midnight PST
Invitations Sent: August 8

The team must accept the invitation by August 15th.

Hoping to see you on Labor Day weekend, apply now.

Team 3309, Friarbots, Anaheim, CA

Questions can be sent to


Battleship Blast is still a go! LA Fleet Week is excited to have us support their event.
We still have spots open for more teams if you would like to join the event, but time is running out soon. It’s also possible that you might be able to participate for more than one day, so use this Battleship Blast Team Application Form to indicate which days you prefer. Hurry and submit your application as we will start selecting teams later this week. Our application deadline can be extended a few days if you need some time.

Current COVID policies will require that all event attendees, visitors, exhibitors, etc to wear masks while indoors. Our competition field will be inside the air conditioned blue dome adjacent to the USS Iowa and will require everyone to wear masks.

Come join the fun and take advantage of the opportunity to compete on an official FRC field.

If you can’t make it with your team, please consider developing your volunteer skills at this low pressure event. Here is the Battleship Blast Volunteer Signup

Hope to see you at Battleship Blast, LA Fleet Week.


Team application deadline extended to 8/4 to allow teams to make sure their host organization/school approves their participation.

We have 26 teams who have applied so far.

Team Name
4 Team 4 ELEMENT
599 Robodox
687 The Nerd Herd
867 Absolute Value
1138 Eagle Engineering
1160 Titanium Robotics
1197 TorBots
1622 Team Spyder
2102 Team Paradox
2658 E-Motion
2710 JetStream Robotics
3255 SuperNURDs
3309 Friarbots
3476 Code Orange
3647 Millennium Falcons
3759 SMAbots
4079 Quantum Leap
4322 Clockwork Oranges
4414 HighTide
4415 EpicRobots
4999 Momentum
5199 Robot Dolpins from Outer Space
5851 The Striking Vikings
6960 Rusty Huskies
7042 Poly Rabbotics
8006 The Phantom bot

Update: We have 32 teams who have applied. We still have room on Monday for a couple more teams. Just complete the application if you are interested, but better hurry.
Hope to see your there.


Sorry to have to share this sad news with you, but LA Fleet Week just announced that the event will be postponed until Memorial Day 2022.

So, unfortunately, we are forced to cancel Battleship Blast 2021. I’m sorry about losing the opportunity to engage students in a live in-person competition, but sadly we are all aware of the affects of COVID on our abilities to provide traditional experiences for our FIRST Teams and Students.

We may have some more information to share as we finish digesting this decision and we will be exploring opportunities to re-establish Battleship Blast as an early summer event as there are many factors to consider.

Sorry we were not allowed to pull this off.

Thank you, take care and stay safe everyone,


Sorry to hear this.

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