BAWLS in Cans

Like we really need this…

A special foaming ink was spot-applied in small circles all over the can, creating a unique velvet feel for consumers as they grip the package](http://

Interesting how they have done that. BAWLs in cans is not a completely new thing, but it is new to the “civilian” market. Awhile back BAWLs began to release BAWLs in cans to only military customers.

The BAWLS Military Pack consists of a 12 Pack of BAWLS Guarana 16oz Cans – BAWLS replaced its classic blue glass bottles for aluminum cans exclusively for the BAWLS Military Gift Pack. This eliminates spillage due to extreme heat and significantly reduces the cost of shipping, allowing more soldiers to savor the caffeine-jolt of BAWLS Guarana.

Link to BAWLs military gift pack

Wow… Um… I’ve never had Bawls before. Primarily b/c I don’t shop at Target or 7-Eleven. But, after reading that I might have to try some sometime. In fact, Chiefdelphi is the place I first learned of Bawls. It’s too bad I don’t drink energy drinks anymore.

That’s awesome, I didn’t know about that yet. I can’t wait till it’s released for everyone, shipping on a case of Bawls bottles makes ordering them a pain.

Cool maybe since my work just started elling them last week they will pick up the cans pretty quick too

i know many guys on my robotics team who buy the bottled Bawls drinks by cases, so knowing that they came out with cans kinda scares me. haha

Hmmm… that might eliminate smuggled bottles from falling out of student’s pockets and smashing on the floor.

A group of free students went and waiting outside of the Chairman’s room waiting for our Chairman’s group to come out. The plan was to cheer for them when they came out. That went as planned, but one of the students who breathes this stuff smuggled a bottle of it into the Verizon Wireless Arena. It fell out of his pocket and smashed on the floor :ahh:

Nifty! More compact and more durable!

Aren’t cans cheaper than bottles? will this mean cheaper access to my caffien addiction?? I’m in heaven!!! (< 5 exclamation points means I need a caffeine hit)

Am I the only person who can taste a noticeable difference in the exact same beverages (from the same bottling plant nonetheless) in aluminum cans versus plastic or glass bottles. For me I always seem to think that sodas or energy drinks - especially Mountain Dew - almost always taste better from plastic bottles. There is always like a “hard tap water”-like taste to beverages from cans… :-/

Bottles (whether plastic or glass) are always better tasting, so I’ll stick to Bawls in glass bottles. :wink:

Is this a sign of Mountain Dew addiction, when you can tell differences like this? It’s like being a Dew Connoisseur. "Why yes, this is a vintage 2006 Dew, from the Ayer, Massachusetts bottling plant. And that slight after-taste is a definitive sign of aluminum cans, and quite possibly a tad bit too much citric acid… " :stuck_out_tongue:

Seconded. Although, when we get the cans in our market, I’ll be sure to check them out for arguments sake.

Both my mom and I notice this taste too. But we prefer cans. I just look better with a can of dew then a bottle of dew. But I like to drink the orange dew out of a bottle b/c orange is my favorite color and I can see more orange.

Bawls is good drinking

I love ti its isnt hard or bitter like other drinks and the cans will make it easier to ship large amounts to place like me im in alaska

Ooh, I was going to buy another case of Bawls soon, but maybe I’ll wait until 7-11 or CompUSA stocks the cans…

I understand exactly what you’re saying. Drinks in glass are always better. For a simple comparison for the doubters out there, acquire a glass IBC cream soda, and then find any brand of canned cream soda. Sample each, and you’ll find that the one from glass tastes much better. Personally, I have no idea why this happens, but it does…

And the Bawl’s in cans is still friggin awesome.


I keep all of my blue bottles from any BAWLS I ever drink, simply cause they’re freaking awesome. Not sure I could really care for any cans.

I have two cases in my basement as well, and I really have no idea what I’m going to do with them. I keep pushing to throw them away, but my brother won’t budge on the issue.

Yeah i definatly agree with that. I hate when i have to drink out of a can. I much prefer bottles