baxter bomb squad-16

i was looking to see where they are ranked and i can’t find them. am i just going blind looking at all these teams and ranking and scores, or what? any help would be appreciated.

The venerable Bomb Squad is 58th in Einstein (Red).

Hello BBS from your M-n-M friends, We also ended up ranked very low after the Qualifying matches. We had a number of problems including one match where our breaker was (accidently) flipped off by our partner, another where we lost air due to a hose getting pulled our and yet another double DQ due to carpet damage. Thanks to Team 353 and our great friends the Demolition squad we were choosen to compete in the eliminations in the Curie Division where we lost to 60 (great Robot!), 144 and 64 in the finals. Congratulations to every one who was at the nats. I think that this was one of the best and most competitive nats ever.

Don Taylor
M-n-M Team 343

Actually we ended up 18th seed, (at least I’m pretty sure, maybe it was 17 or 19!?!) Anyways, early on we had a lot of unfortunate electrical problems, and we were becoming immobile nearly every match. We finally fixed it before our last 2 qualifying rounds. Our last qualifying round we were like 40th seed, so we knew we had to prove to other teams we were worth picking. We made a guttsy strategy to try to clean up the floor of balls. We came darn near it too. We ended up with 32 balls and won the match 52 to 47. Wildstang happened to be watching this, and i guess they were impressed enough to pick us (THANK YOU WILDSTANG) Anyways, we went on to lose to team 308 and their partners, who ended up winning 2nd place overall. We had an unfortunate bloated ball block our entire ball system, preventing us from making a single dump and winning the match… otherwise, we could’ve won that match. Everything could have changed from that point on if it wasn’t for that. I’m sure many teams had a stroke of bad luck preventing them from winning certain matches. I think once you get to the final teams, alot of it is left to luck and wear and tear of robots. I guess, if you look at the fact we almost beat the 2nd place team in nats, we didn’t do so bad as an alliance (16, 111, 1) Thanks for the hello’s from team 343. I wish I could have watched some of your matches, but I didn’t have much time between matches to come over there. Well… Congrats to the final 4… I wish our alliance could have been up there to compete with you guys…

Hopefully, the Bomb Squad will be back next year to enjoy another year of competition. See ya then…


Yes we started out ranked very low. We came back though, the last match we scored 140 some qp if i remember correctly. We wound up 19th and were picked by the gracious team 111 and go to the semis in the einstien before losing in an extremely close game.

Yo guys (Lance and Tom), i’m the guy from team 357 that kept coming over to talk to you guys. I wasn’t able to find you after your finals, so i’d just like to say congrats on how you guys ended up. YOu guys made a great comeback in the end. There was no doubt that you guys were going to. Although you guys didn’t win, everyone knew you you were and and knew how good you guys really were, and thats what counts. Hopefully we be able to talk again later, but if not, good luck in future competitions.