Baxter Bomb Squad 2013 - Mantis

Here is 16’s video for Ultimate Ascent!

Thanks for watching,

That was a very cool video.
Well done guys.

How does the robot rotate itself at the top to become parallel to the ground? Simply amazing. I can’t wait to see it compete in week 1.

We use a small explosion between the pyramid and rob- just kidding. We use two Bag motors geared 300:1 on each side of a (large) axle that holds the whole climber and robot up; turn the motors and the robot flips over.


Awesome motion graphics and a stunning machine! This is a really cool corner climber.

I want to see this and 118 scale up the same pyramid on the opposite end…

I’d like to see that, too. Like on a Saturday afternoon in late April?

Winner!! :slight_smile:

Amazing robot. Amazing team. wish you guys all the best this year!

Good Looking Robot this year. Looking forward to seeing you in Hub City.

I plan to watch this in person…on the big stage in St. Louis!

As usual, great job Bomb Squad!