Baxter Bomb Squad: Greater Kansas City Video

Winning alliance: 1986, 16, 3784
See you at Midwest, Dallas East, and World Championships!

Youtube seems to have blocked the video.


Thank you, Chris. I will have JT work on it.

Well nevermind. Don’t you just love the US government?

That would be “1986”.

A Vimeo link is on it’s way. I’ll change the post once it arrives.

P.S. Just noticed the “1896” typo and changed it to “1986,” sorry.

yay for vimeo :slight_smile:

No problem. Looking forward to the video.

Because the Universal Music Group is the US government?

Actually, this particular issue has nothing to do with the government - it’s a private agreement between YouTube and the record companies.

Don’t you just love backward intellectual property laws that don’t acknowledge the derivative nature of all creative work? :wink:

Vimeo link up. Yes, the government is to blame because the threat of the SOPA bill forced Google (owner of Youtube) to be more strict on copyright.

Has nothing to do with that, Youtube had an agreement with the record companies long before the SOPA controversy…

Anyways… :rolleyes:

I like the robot! It’s nice to see a fellow catapult.

Congrats on Kansas.

See all of you at Champs. :slight_smile:

Thanks. We hope to see more. :slight_smile:

Liked the video. You guys built the perfect robot to compliment that swerve drive and Austin’s insane driving skills. Loved the last clip highlighting the escape from the most agressive defender in KC this year. Good luck in Chicago. Unfortunatly we won’t be able to watch while we are competing in St. Louis. We’ll catch as much video as we can find afterwards though.

Another great video of my favorite robot in FIRST.

Nice video; you guys were great. Although it would have been a lot less strain on this old man’s heart if you hadn’t broken in the first game of both the quarters & semi. :eek:

Missouri. :smiley: Although you could almost throw a rock from the arena & hit Kansas.

What broke on Baxter? :eek:

I stand corrected. Thank you. :cool:

Thanks for the compliments. Did you like the FIRST logo Mosaic at the end? Took HOURS

and as to answer what broke on our robot, we had programming issues with a new auto mode we made one match, and the other was due to a problem with the USB port on the computer where the joystick was plugged in.

Very well done. Time well invested.

Great job JT.