Baxter Bomb Squad Video

Hey all,

I am doing a presentation on robotics and was hoping to find footage of the Bomb Squad’s 2002 robot. There exists footage of 2 Minute Warning dragging around some team members (honestly I think it might be me, but it could have been Jesse or Sam). I was hoping someone could lead me in the right direction, I know it exists somewhere on ChiefDelphi, but as it is almost 5 years old (my how time flies) I can’t track it down. Any info. would be very helpful.

Garrett Ott
Baxter Bomb Squad: Special Unit 2001
Baxter Bomb Squad 2002, 2003

Yeah, Matt showed me that sick video.

I think the video was on the Bomb Squad website. Didn’t someone get dragged onto the metal mesh ramp (Stack Attack)? That would be 2003. I talked to Matt - he said that it might be on a CD that was distributed on parent’s day. (I can’t imagine why you’d want your parents to see that, though…)

Good luck!

Found it!

Posted by Joel J. in Feb 2003 the second video clip shows someone being dragged. The first post in the thread has a Team 16 picture (that’s my “tall boy” in the back row, left side!)

Thank you so much Mr. Brinza, i’m just doing an english presentation about the rate at which robots are creeping into our everyday lives. I mentioned this movie and my teacher really wanted to see it


btw, I haven’t talked to you in a while, nice to see you’re still involved. I walk with my BSBA in Finance with an emphasis in Real Estate this may and I begin law school this fall.