Bay Area Maker Faire - Thanks to all the FRC teams!

I just wanted to give thanks all the FRC teams that brought their robots to the Maker Faire last weekend. We really enjoyed talking with all of you in a non-competition environment.

Sorry I forgot all the team numbers, but special thanks to 114 Eagle Strike and 8 Paly Robotics for letting our driver test your robots. And also big thanks to 5940 BREAD for having a booth all weekend and sharing with all the kids, young and old.

Also, I hope you all got to a chance see the Dos Pueblos Engineering Academy ( ex1717) and their huge Mechatronics tent. Those projects are what they do instead of FRC now. Very impressive in their own way.

Hey! It’s Nick from 5940 (guy with glasses if we spoke). We had a great time talking with you and your students and are happy you enjoyed the Faire! We all love having the booth and meeting new people. Thanks for coming up from SoCal!

Maker Faire was great! Team 8 had a blast showing off our robot, and was surprised and pleased so see you guys there. I was able to stop by the DPEA tent and was incredibly impressed with the projects that your students have been able to put together. The technical binders that were on the side table showed an incredible level of daily documentation, and something that we would love to emulate.

Agreed! We steered some of our school staff over there, one of whom is a admissions counselor and staff member at Stanford. After talking with the DPEA students and staff he told me that the level of detail and the projects that were created were as good as, if not better, than what undergrads at Stanford produce.


Was great to talk to everyone. Hope everyone enjoyed our davit.

Yes! it was a wacky davit (you’ll need to explain it) but thanks for bringing it.