Bay Area Northern California team looking for field elements

I realize this is a total long shot…
Our team (8033) is building a new robot for 2020-21. We are adding a climber and high shooter. We are working remotely and in small groups in a team member’s garage. Testing is done in the gym at our local school which has been closed since March 2020. Before we build the new field elements, I thought it was worth asking if anyone has them sitting around due to covid. We are happy to return them when the Bay Area opens up.

This is kinda funny because we are moving all of our belongings into a storage locker and are looking for a team who wants to take our field elements. Shoot me a DM and we can discuss further if you’d like. We are located in Cupertino.


$GME rocket $GEM rocket $GME rocket


We are keeping the $GME rocket - it’s going in one our mentors’ apartments.


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