Bayou Regional 2015

Bayou will be fun this year !

Lots of great teams from the Gulf Coast states.
Has anyone posted reveal videos yet ?

The Ninjineers are excited for our first time to Bayou! Can’t wait too see what everyone has come up with. Best of luck to all the teams competing! :smiley:

Looking forward to seeing old friends and meeting new alliance partners :slight_smile:

364 is excited for another great Bayou Regional. I’m looking forward to seeing all of the visitors from Texas and Florida, as well as old alliance friends.

The rankings will be really tight!

The Mad Rockers will be rockin’, hoping to show that our #1 seed last year wasn’t a fluke (it kinda was last year, we weren’t the best team but we were competitive and we think we’re competitive again). Not too much left to tune up when we get there and we should be scoring lots of points. We’re not real happy with the autonomous mechanism we withheld so we may wait and add it on later in the competition if we can improve it.

We’re packing up Tuesday night - if anyone needs any spares of kit stuff or motors let us know and we’ll try to throw it in - we’re only using and bringing CIM’s , mini-CIM’s, snow blowers and plenty of pneumatics so we’ve got lots of other motors sitting around.

So team 179 will be bring up our crew Tuesday and we will be bringing a lot of shirts to trade if anyone is interested in trading we will have shirts of all sizes and in 3 different colors (Our Black Thursday Shirts, our limited edition Dark Green shirts, and our traditional Lime Green Shirts) if you are interested comment below or PM me, no one will be denied based on team affiliation as I will be going around pit to pit taking orders on Thursday =D

(Personally looking for Larges/XL)

4592 looks forward to this regional!

I won’t have one to trade, but I would be willing to buy a lime green XL.

I will be there for a while on Fri. and all day on Sat. You will have to look for our team number since our robot kinda blends in with all of the others :wink:

I’d definitely be interested in one of the lime green ones in a Large

Team 179’s robot will be going from one swamp to another as FRCTop25 says.

Definitely looking forward to my fourth (and hopefully not my last) Bayou Regional. I see we have most of the usual suspects ready to roll along with some new faces. Team 3991 is ready for Recycle Rush Bayou Edition!

And I’ll definitely trade for a green 179 t shirt. Those are legit.

What our 2015 shirts look like. They’re dri-fit also

3946 will be in the house, with our brand-new trailer (took delivery Thursday; no time to wrap it this year, so it’s still white), new uniforms, and unquestionably our best (and simplest) robot to date; a landfill miner with four actuators. We have been able to build and cap a stack of five in 2:15 in driver practice, or make two uncapped stacks of six (in case we have a canner for an alliance partner). We are also able to score yellow totes on the step. Ariana has shot a bunch of video, but I haven’t seen any postings yet other than our impressions of the game.

Still tweaking! Our original tote-flipper idea didn’t work, but one of our drivers decided to try something silly; push down on one long edge and retreat. After one successful and a bunch of failed attempts, we just added a bit of peel-and-stick foam rubber to the bottom of our flipper on Saturday, and it works like a champ. It also turns out to make an effective brake when we shove it into the carpet; good thing we can’t do this while carrying a stack.

Look out for 4587. We are looking to pick up another win in the great state of Louisiana (This time at a regional and not an off season). We will probably have a slow start on Thursday due to all the changes we are making, but we will be stacking and capping full force by the time Friday comes!


yikes ! looking forward to Voltages’ robot !

Looking at wildcards, it looks like only 2383 Ninjineers are the only team bringing a wild card.

Does anyone know if there will be a webcast? I know 3937 ran Arkansas’ webcast, and 3847 has run webcasts before.

I’m not sure, as far as I know we aren’t doing it, but we’ll bring the stuff in case we need to set it up.

We haven’t been asked either. Allen does a great job with their webcasts.

I second the nomination :slight_smile: Enjoy your added responsibility!

I’ll take one in a medium if you have it.