Bayou Regional Report

Greetings from the Bayou Regional!

Thursday was a long thrash for the majority of the teams present. Many practice matches had NO robots in them, only human players! Don’t think any practice rounds had a full field, 3 or 4 robots at the most.

Several robots stood out in the practice rounds. Teams 364, 624, and 2815 will definitely be in the eliminations. These 3 robots were working well and consistently all day. Luck of the draw and scouting will make a HUGE difference to these teams.

2992 also has the potential to be in the mix above with skillful operation. The only thing plaguing them was feed system jams when fully loaded (9-10 balls). Their last practice was very successful when only picking up then emptying 6-7 balls.

2992 was also honored by being driven in a practice session by Gov. Jindal’s wife, who made an appearance and gave a short speech on the importance of technology in Louisiana. The Louisiana First Lady did an impressive job of operating the robot, considering that it was it’s first time on the court and was operating with the drivers controls reversed at the time …

The serious fun and frolics start today, Good Luck to everyone at the Bayou Regional!

Is there a webcast available? Maybe Billfred Knows.

I also expect to see great things from 2815 after seeing them at the pre-ship scrimmage, they have a very solid robot and a good concept for this years game.

Bayou webcast:

Thanks for the vote of confidence. We’ve been a victim of some bad luck in some rounds. Of our four losses:

-One partner with no robot
-One partner that no-showed entirely
-One partner that was inoperable for part of the match

The fourth loss saw us just plain outgunned. I can live with that. :wink:

It’s been a learning experience, particularly since none of the kids have ever competed at a proper regional before. (Most of the mentors have no such issues–I think we’re well over 20 years of combined experience.) We’ve adapted to our small numbers and inexperience; while I don’t have scoring down to the ball for teams, I believe our outfit has a finger on the pulse. We’ll see whether we were right tomorrow at lunch.

Sounds like some of our matches at Peachtree, and we were still able to secure a decent finish. I’m sure someone will recognize your robot even if you all don’t make the top 8. Good luck tomorrow and keep us posted.