Bayou Regional Video's

Does anyone have video from the Bayou regional?
We cannot find any on blue alliance or soap 108…
Please post a link or something so everyone can get to it!
Thank you


I’ve got some video from my digital camera for SF1-1, SF1-2 and F1-1, F1-2. I’ll try to post them tonight if they compress satisfactorily (each vid is 130MB).

I tried to get nearly full-field coverage, so there aren’t any robot/driver close-ups (that’s because I like to get coaching value out of the videos).

awesome thanks!

Here are a few videos from Bayou:

First, the Bomb Squad’s “Flop”](

Semi-Finals 1 (1477, 16, 440) vs (1902, 79, 832): Match SF1-1 and Match SF1-2

Finals (1477, 16, 440) vs (148, 118, 490): Match Final-1 and Match Final-2

Match videos are nearly full-field coverage from hand-held digital camera.