Bayou Regional

Team 2468 is looking forward to Louisiana and seeing all of the teams there!

Good luck to everyone competing!

Team Driven FRC1730 is looking forward to Bayou. We haven’t been before and hope it is as awesome as all the others. Our students look forward to meeting new people and helping where there is a need.

This is the first trip for 2468 to Bayou as well. We are looking forward to seeing some old friends and meeting many new faces.

Anyone know or can help us out a little bit on the robot parade? Suggestions, ideas, examples from the past?

Coach Norm

Mardi Gras beads :slight_smile:

Some throws work also…some older Louisiana teams can help better

Bayou regional is definitely an exciting one! Each day there’s a robot parade to get things started and get everyone hyped up! You can decorate your robot and cart however you like, but they do limit on what you can throw. Usually they throw small stuffed animals and beads. I may be wrong, but from what i can remember candy isnt allowed to be thrown. Last year my team had small frisbees with our team number on them that we handed out during the parade.

There is always something happening, whether its teams chanting, the big dance group at the bottom of the stands, or the conga line going through the stands! whatever it is, youre guaranteed to have fun!

I cant wait to be back and meet all of the new teams that are coming this year. Just want to welcome everyone in advance and hope you all have a great time! Team 2080 Torbotics will always be there to help anyone in need, so come see us if we havent already found you first! Good luck everyone!!!:smiley:

Usually for the robot parade some items are handed out to the teams.

If any of the out of state teams have questions whether it be where to eat or where to go message me and I’ll help with anything. 1912 is excited to be competing with so many great friends and teams. It also looks like there will be 2 wildcard spots opened up by 2468 and 1311.

I also went ahead and typed up a quick fact sheet for teams attending, 56 teams should be joining us making this the largest Bayou ever, and it just keeps getting bigger. There are 7 rookie teams, 4 from Louisiana, and 1 from Mississippi, Florida and Texas. 8 states will be represented in total.

Teams who have already competed at at least once are bold, rookie teams are in italics, and qualifying CMP teams are underlined.

456 Orlando 29 of 62
**945 Orlando 60 of 62 **
1311 Palmetto 46 of 67 (SF) RCA
**1421 Orlando 27 of 62 (QF) **
**1730 GKC 7 of 58 (SF) **
**1912 Orlando 37 of 62 **
2080 Orlando 42 of 67
**2190 Alamo 10 of 64 (SF) **
2468 Alamo&Hub City | 3 of 64 | 4 of 42| (F) (W) RCA, Hub City Champion
2973 Smokey Mts 17 of 49
**2992 Arkansas 9 of 39 (F) **
3227 Arkansas 32 of 39
**3337 Alamo 11 of 64 (QF) **
3350 Arkansas 34 of 39
3612 GKC 11 of 58 (QF)
**3616 Dallas 39 of 45
**3783 Arkansas 20 of 39 **
3937 Arkansas 10 of 39 (W) Arkansas Regional Winner
**3959 Crossroads 41 of 45 (SF)
3961 Arkansas 30 of 39
3991 Arkansas 33 of 39 **


1311 is excited to be heading down to New Orleans!

3612 competed at GKC
3937 is qualified for CMP - AR winning alliance

Thank you Mrs. Meredith, I knew I missed a couple teams!

Tiger Robotics is excited for our third year at the Bayou Regional.

Bayou is always like coming home. We are looking forward to seeing old friends and making some new ones.

3753 has competed at Bayou 3 times previously, and we were the winning alliance captain last year.

We absolutely love Bayou!!!:smiley: MysterE said it best, going to Bayou feels like coming home every year:)

See yall in a couple of days!

Bayou will always be our favorite regional. No offense to all the other great events, but New Orleans is our home. And from all the events around the south, the MC at bayou is one of the nicest guys you’ll meet. Mr. Chris Is always there to make the atmosphere amazing. Even for us, we always go out and get a nice meal somewhere in New Orleans. The homecooked cajun food is always a hit for those from out of town (our favorite is Mr. Ed’s, about 15 minutes from the venue). The parade sure is unique and always opens up the day on a good note. Beyond that, the Pontchartrain Center is a wonderful place for an FRC event.

Can’t wait to see everyone!!! Good luck teams!!!

1319 Flash is a late entry to Bayou this year. They were quarterfinalists at both Peachtree (1 of 64) and Palmetto (7 of 67).

2992 is extremely excited to return to Bayou after going to our first out-of-state regional in Arkansas. Though it’s already been said in this thread, Bayou is our home and we can’t wait to get back to the Pontchartrain Center for the largest Bayou yet. See you guys there!

We are very excited to say that we are indeed finally going to Bayou! We’ve heard great things about the regional and can’t wait to meet some teams we don’t always get to see in the Peachtree/Palmetto circuit. :slight_smile:


We have never been to Mr Eds… When do y’all go?

Team Driven 1730 students just loaded the bus in a downpour of rain, but that didn’t dampen their spirits as they are excited to head to the Bayou Regional. See you all in 14 hours.

We probably going Friday after the awards ceremony. Around 7 I guess. It’s our favorite. Come join us!