[BB] 14 inches and counting

"Good Afternoon Teams,

Well, it’s snowing sideways here again. We have over a foot of snow already and it doesn’t look like it’s going to stop anytime soon. The FRC staff are hard at work filling orders for teams who submitted replacement parts requests in TIMS and preparing for robot ship and the first week of competitions.

The replacement parts request system closes tonight, Wednesday at 8PM ET even if it’s snowing where you are. Get your requests in.

FIRSTChoice is open. Please remember teams are permitted to order a maximum of 3 items.

If you’re stick in a snow bank with nothing to do, take a minute to watch the top six safety animations. We had 86 teams submit videos. If your team decides to make a safety animation for next year, keep in mind, the limit is a limit and the theme is important. Those were the first two hurdles these teams had to overcome on their way to making it to the top.

My thanks to all of you who voted for the top three games from the last 19 seasons. The results in descending order are:
2010 Breakaway
2006 Aim High
2008 FIRST Overdrive
2007 Rack ‘n Roll
2009 Lunacy
If you’re frozen, confused by the game, the Q&A forum opened today. Members of the GDC are eager to read your questions about LOGO MOTION. Check the whole forum before you post to see if your question has already been asked. If your question is original, it still won’t appear until the GDC has an answer for you.

If you’re stuck on anything else having to do with FRC, email FRCTeams@usfirst.org or call 1-800-871-8326 x0

If you’re dreaming of spring and the start of competition season, we have a few slots open at the Regional Events listed below. (Events are listed from most spaces available to least spaces available.) If your team is interested in attending an additional event, send an email to FRCTEams@usfirst.org and we’ll see what we can do about getting you in.

Kansas City
Las Vegas
Lone Star
Washington DC
New Jersey
Silicon Valley
North Carolina

As you prepare for competition, please remember Dean’s homework and include the word FIRST whenever you refer to your team or team number.

Cross your mittened fingers, we’ve applied for a trademark for LOGO MOTION and are awaiting the results.

41 days to Robot Ship
See you then!"

Remember, read the manual and other Q&A posts before going to a new Q&A thread! ::rtm:: ::rtm::