[BB] 1782 registered teams and counting

1782 registered teams and counting
Good Morning Teams,

STIMS is open. Please help us save trees and transportation costs by completing your Consent and Release form online. Paper copies are collected at events then delivered to Manchester where we review then store them.

VIMS is open. Please note that volunteers who are U.S. residents will not be required to provide references this season. More details are available here.

Last week I mentioned I was scheduled to accept an award on behalf of FIRST. The Mass Technology Leadership Council presented FIRST with the Workforce Development Leader of the Year award for the key role we play in inspiring tomorrow’s leaders. It was a pleasure to speak at the event in Boston and an honor to represent all the FIRST coaches and mentors who encourage students to reach new levels of success. My thanks to all of you for the difference you make in the lives of your team members.

Tuesday night I spoke at Emtech MIT on The Next Generation of Innovators on Dean’s behalf. Team 549 Devil Dawgs brought their robot and Team 1973 Brighton Burning Tigers were in attendance. My thanks to both teams who answered participant questions, handed out FIRST flyers and stayed to participate in a reception as FRC representatives.

I need your stories. Some writers met with Dean and Jon recently to discuss a book they have in progress. The conversation worked its way around to the benefits of failure; how failing can be a positive step on the way to success. So that’s what I’d like to hear from you. How has your team failed and walked away a winner? Let me know at FRCTeams@usfirst.org Understand, I’ll be sharing your stories with the writers so please describe your experience in a way non FIRSTers would understand and include contact information in case they have further questions. Thank you for your help.

Did your team sell light bulbs last year? Since January, FIRST teams sold almost 50,000 bulbs and raised over $650,000. It’s not too late to benefit. Starting November 1st you can order the next generation of higher wattage, dimmable, omni-directional energy saving bulbs. Check our website for details.

Is your team considering purchasing the new 4 slot cRIO FRCII? (Rookies will be getting a new 4-slot in their 2012 Kit of Parts. Veteran teams will be asked to re-use their original cRIO.) If yes, I want to remind you NI will give registered FRC teams one Discount Credit each calendar year. The FRC discount may be used to purchase one (1) new cRIO FRCII kit (with modules), or one (1) new cRIO FRCII chassis (no modules), or one (1) kit and one(1) chassis, or two (2) kits or two(2) chasses as long as the items are purchased in a single order. I’m sorry, the window to order additional original cRIOs has closed.

The Senior Mentors are offering conference training calls about applying for the Chairman’s Award on 10/25 and about the latest Scholarship information 10/27. Call 1-866-951-1151 and use #9533018 to participate.

Late breaking news: The names of the FIRST in Michigan and Mid Atlantic Robotics events have changed. Rather than calling them qualifying events, the events where team qualify to attend their state/region championship will now be name of the Venue_ FIRST Robotics District Competition (for instance Kettering University FIRST Robotics District Competition and Hatboro-Horsham FIRST Robotics District Competition). The name of the event teams are qualifying for will now be Mid Atlantic Robotics FRC Region Championship and Michigan FRC State Championship.

If you need something to do while your team is waiting for Kickoff:

Your school could win part of $1,000,000 in technology if you enter Samsung’s Solve for Tomorrow: Sharing the wonder of STEM competition. Application due Oct 31st.

Engineering Education Service Center is hosting their seventh annual poster contest and offering cash prizes. Deadline to enter Nov 4th.

The Spirit of Innovation Challenge is looking for High School students to use STEM skills to develop the products of tomorrow. Deadline Nov 11th.

The RealWorld-InWorld NASA Engineering Design Challenge is underway. Deadline Jan 27th.

Submit your most creative, useful and innovative design in the Extreme Redesign 3D printing challenge for a t-shirt and a chance at a scholarship. Deadline Feb 2nd

Siemens We Can Change the World Challenge applications will be a accepted through Mar 15th

79 days until Kickoff
See you then!

Is it just me, or does this make event names really long?

Good move for branding though.

Omni directional lightbulbs?

I believe that they will provide a wider ray of light. Googled it and came up with this.

LEDs, by nature, emit light in a very limited arc. Traditional lightbulbs send light in all directions.

It takes a good bit of engineering to get an LED bulb to emit omni-directional light.