[BB] An insider's view of the GDC


Way cool. What a great honor for Mrs. Maulding, and what a great overview of the early process. Jealousy is not the right word for this, but, I WANT THAT JOB!


She said “liquid” must be a water game.

Who wants to be the undercover agent to stake out all local watering holes with fried pickles? Must be adept at disguises and have good hearing!

All kidding aside, it’s great to know they’ve already narrowed down the choices so much. It should provide a ton of time to iron out all the details!

You two sure about that? You will get to hear all of our complaints during the build and competition season about the design of the year’s game. ::rtm::

Comment on BB about the article.

Great post! You what might be interesting? A the game is revealed at kickoff, go back and give us some insite or backstories on how and why the game was conceived.
Mentor Team 1225

I agree with Brian. showing us how the game was thought up would be pretty cool. I always wonder how they come up with a game and develop it.