[BB]: Before you pick your second event


"Good Afternoon Teams,

Second event registration opens next Thursday, October 22nd. I know that the “bag and tag” section of the Game Manual isn’t available to teams yet, so I understand teams interested in registering for second events will have some concerns if either of their events are “bag and tag”, but I encourage you to go ahead and sign up for the events you most want to attend. Here at FIRST we’re working hard to find solutions to the logistical issues created by the “bag and tag” pilot. I will have a draft of the robot shipping process ready for you by Tuesday of next week. Nothing is final until the Game Manual section 4 Robot Transportation is published (we have to finalize details with a lot of stakeholders), but I should have a pretty good idea on Tuesday of how we expect the process will work.

85 days until the 2010 Kickoff
See you there!"