[BB] Bills Blog 11/09/11


So what does FRC do in November?
Good Afternoon Teams,

We’re finalizing Kickoff. Engineering is gathering Kit of Parts components (not everything has arrived at our warehouse in preparation for kit packing yet); beta testing new control system components (my thanks to the teams who are helping); completing field drawings for local kickoff field builders; and updating a competition field in preparation for the kickoff filming and for display at the Manchester screening. Upstairs we’re supporting the local kickoffs; and preparing for workshops, the Founder’s Reception and the screening at SNHU where the GDC will be present to talk to teams. (The GDC, by the way, is busy finalizing the Game Manual.) In the field, Regional Directors are recruiting and supporting teams; working with Regional Planning Committees to plan competition events; and drumming up sponsor and donor support for FIRST.

We’re gearing up for build season. While teams are busy building robots, we will be training key volunteers, working out final details for competitions, building field elements, sourcing materials, packing trucks, finalizing award judging and holding a week zero event to test the new game systems in a competition environment. So right now we’re scheduling people, equipment and materials to ensure everything is in place the minute the Kickoff broadcast ends.

We’re planning for Championship. Maybe things will look a little different this year?

We have our eyes on the future. We’re looking ahead at everything from the business plan, to new technologies to new staff structures to a few other exiting changes.

So enjoy the quiet before the storm. It will be raining soon enough.

While you are waiting for the big day, check out the usfirst.org website. UL has introduced a new Safety ambassador program.

Anybody interested in a game hint? The GDC is mulling it over right now.

59 days until Kickoff
See you then!

Hmmm, very interesting word choice in the last sentence.


Perhaps the hint has to do with one of the synonym to chew sincethe origin means to crush/ chew, mull could be thinking while chewing food, to mull over dinner. Wonder what this means.

This was my thought exactly. Probably means that the game involves sorting through something or something like that.

I’m more entertained by the use of the word “exiting” which I am guessing is a typo.

Hopefully the intended definition is not “to make a mess or failure of.” !

We’re planning for Championship. Maybe things will look a little different this year?

I don’t think most of us want to read this kind of non-information. Casual half-warnings don’t give anything useful in return for the time spent reading them. They merely invite speculation, which is rarely a good thing.

…a few other exiting changes.

So who’s leaving the GDC this year?

I was thinking mulled like mulled apple cider. I foresee a rain of apple cider.

The Championship bit has me a little miffed. So they’re teasing us by saying they know the Championship will be different, but they won’t tell us how. Considering we will likely have to pay for it before we even know if we get to play in the dome, I would certainly hope they can have near-final plans ready to tell the teams about more than a month before the event this year.


This goes along with the Kinect: The mulling, or thinking about something likely includes a human choice element, directed by the Kinect. Now, what is something that is best used with a Kinect?

Don’t get hyped up over the championship! There are too many things it could mean and i’m mostly thinking it has to do with layout whether we like them or not we don’t really have a choice. Considering it was their first year at an event i’m not surprised to be hearing such lingo.

We don’t have a choice if they don’t tell us before the payment deadline… Just saying.

I hope they don’t move all of FRC to the pits. I know it’s a bit early to speculate, but I wouldn’t doubt it, seeing how CARD is starting up. If we qualify for Championships this year, I would hate to break it to the freshman and the first year team members that we won’t be competing in the dome. Just walking onto the dome floor is a feeling that can’t be replaced. As many people as possible should experience it… Where everyone has their eyes on you and your robot. FIRST was about that feeling… that feeling of inspiring people in science and technology, and being a sport where everyone goes pro.

If being on a dome floor full of people going crazy and being excited about your robot doesn’t fall under inspiration and recognition, then I don’t know what does.

I have heard that CARD did not receive FIRST approval, so I doubt any changes are related to CARD.

All i’m saying is don’t go crazy when changes are made because once they are announced they have been made official; complaining won’t change them.

steps off soap box

What is CARD?

There is a new game coming out for kinect where you have to go through the shape in the wall. I think that it kinda has something to do with the mulling definition that i heard.

A collegiate robotics competition. FIRST had the pilot event at Championship last year in the pits. In the FLL end of the pits, IIRC from the event maps.

Aaaah! I saw a few rounds of that but couldn’t connect the name.

Exciting change at the championships? Could it be 8 divisions this year and a full bracket on Einstein?

With a speech between each game, they’d have to add another day! :ahh: