[BB] Even More Time in the Dome


There will be qualification matches on Thursday night at Championship. I am in favor of this after experiencing it at Michigan State Championship for the last few years. More matches to play in is always good (except for when the robot needs to be repaired.)

Good Afternoon Teams,

I’m in Michigan at the Michigan FRC State Championship right now, and like most of the teams here, I’m already thinking about the FIRST Championship in St Louis. We’ve just posted an updated version of the Championship schedule on our website. Please note that we’ve added an hour and a half of qualification matches to the Thursday night schedule. There will be a 45 minute dinner break in the evening and pits will stay open until 8:30pm Thursday night.

Also, for those of you thinking of purchasing souvenir game balls at Championship, they will be available at the Logoloc store in the America’s Center.

13 days until Championship
See you soon!