[BB]: FIRST Choice Ordering Process


Good Evening Teams,

As promised, the FIRST Choice ordering process is now posted on our website.

33 days to Kickoff
See you then!

make sure you click on “FIRST Choice Ordering Process” when you get to USFIRST.org. It sure looked like a blank page for a moment…

It is excellent that FIRST is communicating this new process as early and as well as they are. :slight_smile:

Now I just wish that ANYone could see the available parts, not just the logged-in team’s main contact… :rolleyes:

Ah well, it’ll be a request on the FIRST forum for future consideration.

Can anyone aware me of this system? Is it essentially a place to order specific parts from the KOP online?

I’m going to be a bit harsh here:


The answer also could have been found pretty quickly on Bill’s Blog linked to in the first post. CD is a great resource and the people here are happy to answer questions, but most of us would prefer you at least give it a shot yourself before asking.

Will one of the team leaders that can see the selection be willing to post the contents here?

It’s so hard to choose from the options in Group 1. It’s very disappointing that you can only choose one item from each group.

Personally I’d probably go for the Flux capacitor, as maybe we could find some way to go back in time and play in the same match over and over and over, creating an infinite amount of time to score!


Andy: What is the operating power requirement for the capacitor?

I’m somewhat disappointed they decided not to offer dihydrogen-monoxide. Oh well, there’s always next year…

In all seriousness, I think that this is a better financial alternative then having veterans purchase rookie kits. Great job FIRST.

Maybe that’s part of the standard KoP that everyone gets. :wink:

Don’t they usually put a sample of the field in the KOP? I guess they figure that we probably don’t need to go to AM for that.

So I was that guy. Even though the document linked here clearly says that the webpage will be up Decemeber 13, I emailed them saying Hey, I can’t see it. So to reiterate what I missed when I looked at the document, while you can login to Andymark now, the FIRST Choice won’t be up till the 13th.