[BB] Flash Update 3

Wednesday, January 4, 2012
Flash update III
Good Afternoon Teams,

All the Kit of Parts shipments to Kickoffs have left the warehouse and are on their way. Some are already waiting for your local Kickoff to start. Shipments to My Site teams start tomorrow. (Don’t expect yours until the week after Kickoff. We’re shipping to international sites first.)

During the broadcast follow #FRCKO. You never know what you might learn

3 days until Kickoff
See you then!

Still not the hint

“During the broadcast follow #FRCKO. You never know what you might learn”

This might be something useful on Saturday.

ugh why Bill please send another hint we deserve one more i bet it comes friday after noon


I think he’s just having fun with it now…

i agree, but this is also good info. for example the my site teams know that they should be getting their kop about 1 week after kickoff

What is a “My Site Team”?

from what it sounds like, teams who do not have a kickoff site, can’t make it, etc.

He’s just messing with us at this point…amirite?

Can you follow a hashtag??

Iowa caucus?


You can visit this url.

Don’t think so, but you can save a search and have it appear under your “searches” tab on your homepage. Doesn’t really help, but I guess it saves a few keystrokes…

Hmm, why is he calling these ‘Flash Updates’? ::rtm::

I predict one more “flash” update this evening.

Maybe all these flash updates mean that we will have to flash something, or that our robots will have to be fast and flash by, or that the game piece is shiny…

I don’t want to have to sift through miles of ‘ZOMG kickoff!!!1!’ in that twitter search link. Why can’t they just give it to us straight. :rolleyes:

I think that the next clue may be given to us through twitter so we should watch this so someone can post it here.

Either that or these updates are the clue

I have an inkling that the game will involve speed, based on these “flash updates” and other little details.

Unless said hint was already release a long time ago? :rolleyes: