[BB] Flash Update


Here you go!

Good Evening Teams,

The Decryption Test page is ready. http://www.usfirst.org/roboticsprograms/frc/2012DecryptionTest
The encrypted game manual is now available to down load. http://www.usfirst.org/roboticsprograms/frc/competition-manual-and-related-documents?id=452

4 days until Kickoff
See you then!

:eek: No hint.

Also they don’t seem to have a file posted that is the whole manual in one-it’s only got the separate sections, unless I’m missing something :confused:

I was looking for the exact same thing. Figure they’ll put it up later.


anyone got or working on the encrypt code

Hmmm … I wonder how Graciously Professional it would be to post the decryption code … :wink:

Nope, as that would extremely un-GP and against the ChiefDelphi rules

(emphasis mine)

The only way to break the encryption is to guess the password or brute force it. Neither of which is likely. This is the same encryption used by our government to protect Top Secret information. Nuclear codes and the like.

Thanks for saying this; the issue wouldn’t be sharing the code, nor really breaking CD rules if one were to guess it. It’s the moral implication of it.

Anyone notice the title of the post? “Flash Update” sounds like it’s a small but quick update, like it’s not the real thing to come. Maybe it mean’s there’s another update coming within the next 24 hours, or just for the heck of it, it could mean our robots have to do something with flash, such as weird lighting, need to go really fast like the superhero the flash, or maybe something more subtle, like “No flash photography at events”.

Doubt it’s an actual hint, but the name is interesting at least.

No, I think it means you’re bored.

We have to build a laser cutter! because “The Wooden Beams have Started Creaking” and we have a “Flash Update”, we will be building a laser cutter which machines our manipulator out of plywood in the autonomous period of each match.


Flash = Quick, like Flash Flood…

I do but CD rules say I can’t post it. I booted up my kickoff super computer and it decrypted the code while I was at work all day. Hopefully next year I can invest more into it to eliminate the time by a fraction.

Interesting game, building the elements now! No water for all you believers!

You must work the night shift then, since it was only released at 5:39 pm EST tonight ::ouch::

Do the game rules say anything about releasing the code before kickoff? (or are you just trollin…)

Seems legit.

Make sure you have the latest version of Adobe Flash Player. The Manual will contain a 3-D, interactive game field.

On a side-note, that would be totally awesome. A 3 dimensional, interactive game field within the manual? Sheer awesomeness! I want.

Confirmed only one game hint this year.

“And you will have everything you need for the 2012 FRC Kickoff”

A link to the first game hint is posted in the pdf. It’s a little late for game hints, but yeah. that’s about it.

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You don’t need a hint, so that’s just a question of semantics.

And they label it hint #1, which implies a hint # 2, does it not?