[BB]: got'ta go

For those who may not have seen it yet, Bill’s Blog has information about the lowest rookie number, beta testing question forums, Google’s Project 10^100, and little more.


Is this the offical word that CAN is on the table for 2010???

I’d say that they officially reviewed CAN… which doesn’t say anything about yes or no, on CAN

got’ta go

That’s an interesting title to a blog post.

He can’t be late for a 9 AM meeting if his blog post is published at 8:56…

Personally, I always start my blog post titles before typing them up, which would make the appearance of a rushed title seem a bit fishy to me. Though that’s just what he wants us to think… I’m going to predict that the robot will POSESS a game piece this year. (Bold, I know)

They talked about inspection, it seems. I wonder if they dissect CD threads and review them at meetings?

I agree with Chris, it doesn’t make sense. Personally, I think, going along with the food theme, the title means “Got’ta go” like “To go”, such as fast food, or take out. Maybe taking things out or off of shelves like at a supermarket, and moving them around? I guess that’s kind of off topic though

He sure can be if he still has to travel to the meeting from whatever location he updates the blog from.

No, never. Not ever. Well, except for that one time… :smiley:


Don’t you mean the several times a game idea thread comes up, Dave? (Oh, and the waterproof Victor thread, too–I think they’re doing secret research for the 2011 water game.):stuck_out_tongue:

And here we go again …

Between cryptic blog titles and the end of the Mayan calander, you’d think it was game hint season.


Hahaha. There’s plenty of talk of food in this year’s subtle hints. It definitely calls into question as to what the game object can be. Please no one say it’s food…

Not to press the point …

but, well, did anyone do a search for got’ta go?

And it is true that at the last minute when you are typing, you will write something quickly but it just seems funny in an impulsive kind of way.

Chorus: What never?
Dave: No, Never!
Chorus: What never?
Dave: Well…hardly ever!

(Kudos to those who get this reference)

interestingly enough, the top hit is this website:
It is a frisbee-golf disc maker. Perhaps a game piece? more likely, getting us off track as always.
curious though.

My thoughts on “got’ta go”

1)The first result on GOOGLE is for a company that sells Frisbees …Finally at long last Frisbee game elements!!!

  1. “got’ta go” could be the name of the game.

HMS Pinafore, the captain and crew on the use of a certain word starting with D.

Although with Dave and the GDC, “hardly ever” may very well mean “hardly ever not”…

In disc golf, I rather like the goals and how they are made. They are fun to watch.

Also, Evan’s suggestion about Dave’s almost quote is worth the search. It’s fun. And silly. And you know, well, Dave.

You know, I can just see that website, gottagothrow.com, scratching their heads wondering why they suddenly got a surge in hits…

Number of Hits:
October 5- 156
October 6- 234
October 7- 1345!

Webmaster: :yikes:

Oh no, here we go again…

Just like the 100+ posts talking about the scan through on the back of a fish picture (not any fish! a MOON fish!)… I love chief delphi.

But frisbees would be an awesome game piece.

i think its funny how first can make a company suddenly very popular, just by mentioning them!