[BB]: Happy Thanksgiving


Good Afternoon Teams,

I’m headed out to visit family for the holiday. I want to wish all of you a safe and happy couple of days off. If you need something to do during the less exciting parts of the weekend, I suggest you read the first half of the 2011 FRC manual now available on our website.

I mentioned last week we’re looking for videos from teams to include in this year’s kickoff broadcast. Upload your team’s short funny, creative, 20th anniversary themed video on our new FRCTeamsGlobal Youtube channel as a response to my video. We’ll select the best for inclusion in the broadcast and post all the appropriate entries there.

45 days to Kickoff
See you then!

Reading through the manual…looks like there will be a Regional-level Autodesk Design (CAD) Award in 2011! (Nice!)

Also, Coopertition Awards are back…hmm…

There are also 45 days between Kickoff and Ship Date. Any of you who haven’t been through a build season yet might want to pay attention to the next six weeks, and imagine trying to design and build a winning robot in that time.

45 :slight_smile:

Looks like folks are going find ways to celebrate 45.


Hmm, after reading through everything a few times, it does not seem like a whole lot of things have changed. The biggest ones I have seen is that coopertition points are back :rolleyes: . Also looks like they are really trying to get through to people that speakers are not allowed on the carts.

I don’t see where it says that there will be a regional Autodesk 3D design award. I just read through the award section again and found this actually:

6.5.4 Award Judging
All entries in, 3D Design will be submitted and judged at the Championship level, only. There will be a winner in this Category announced at FIRST Championship.

I wish they would do a regional 3D design award, but it looks like they are keeping it the same as last year.

You did a better job of reading than I did… :slight_smile:

I haven’t even given it a read at all yet, so you’re both a few steps ahead of me.

Is this one new?

4.9.12 Announcements
We make every effort to keep noise down and announce only important items and scheduling, so PLEASE do not ask the pit announcer to make frivolous announcements

sigh. No more flux capacitors :frowning:

In section 1, the Dean’s List award description says that mentors must submit the essays. I think this is a very positive change!

Edit: I don’t know if this change is new, but I noticed this part of section 4: Courtesy
In order to make the most of practice time, there will be specified teams on the field during an assigned practice slot. Each team must be respectful of the other teams sharing the field. Friendly interaction between machines is acceptable, if all teams are willing. Unsportsmanlike conduct on the part of a team during practice could result in loss of practice time.

Is this new? I’ve heard of a lot of teams complaining about being heavily defended in a practice match…

I don’t think this is referring to practice matches. I believe that this is referring to the practice field time. Like when teams are either trying to get a feel for their robot, checking some things, or just making sure everything works. I don’t think we ever used the practice fields last year, even at Atlanta simply because we could safely tether up our robot on blocks and test everything from our pit.

I have the same question. Could it be that they are refraining from using the term “matches” in regards to the assigned practices on the competition field typically held on a Thursday of a standard 3 day regional? Or is it simply referring to the practice fields that may be at each event?