[BB] Late Breaking News

Late Breaking News
Good EveningTeams,

Stand by. Late breaking information on the location of the 2011, 2012, & 2013 FRC Championships should be available soon on the usfirst.org website. Check it out.

94 days until the 2010 Kickoff
See you there!

A new championship location starting in 2011?!?!?!? I hope it is near where I end up going to college next year!

??? FRC Championship coming to a town near you?

It’s likely closer to a great number of teams. We outliers will remain as outliers.

does anybody know where on the website this information will be posted?

I’ll bet $25 that it goes to Indiana… any takers???:cool:

I had to do a double take at your Location block. What if they Average your two locations?

That’d probably put the Championship somewhere in Wyoming or South Dakota. That wouldn’t be good for anyone. :slight_smile:

Sucker’s bet. Doesn’t everyone already know it’s Indy if it’s not Atlanta?

Y’all come to Indy and see us, ya hear!

Hey! You’re forgetting the Colorado teams! (And the Wyoming teams, Montana teams, Nebraska teams, Idaho teams, and Utah teams, for that matter…)

Oh, and see my location…

…Except for us… :smiley:

My first thought was that they were going to be held in a farmer’s field in Nebraska as a cost-cutting measure…

But there have been several threads here on CD discussing possible locations. A significant limitation is the need to have large pit spaces located near a domed stadium and there are only a few locations that combine that with relatively easy air access.

But it’s kind of boring to let reality restrict one’s imagination… I say they’ve swung a deal with the US Navy to borrow an aircraft carrier for a week every year (housing, food… playing and pit space…) and will cruise up and down alternate coasts each year. We might need to pitch tents on the deck to make room for everyone… but I’d be good with that.


I would be amazed if it were in the northern half of the country (don’t hate me, I’m originally NJ - VT - MI - MA). Why? Weather. Think FIRST wants to deal with flight delays for the Championships? Of course, I’d love an excuse to visit Boston and MIT…

And it didn’t say “new” location. Atlanta really wants to keep this thing. (But Disney would be nice too!)

Real bets: N’Orleans or Dallas. Imagine that massive HD screen in Dallas playing the Einstein match. Goosebumps!

Whoa, St. Louis!

Looks like St. Louis is the winner: http://usfirst.org/aboutus/content.aspx?id=15777

Like many others, I was expecting Indianapolis.

Sweet! Now I can say that I’ve watched my robot on the same field that Adrian Peterson played on.

The first thing I noticed was the dates, I think after this year FIRST is going back to a 6 week regional season.

or maybe we’ll have a longer build season;)

What better place than “Jerry Land” in Dallas. Plenty of space and whoa… what a video screen!

Wow and we knew Dean was going to be in St. Louis today.

Epic fail by us watchers and predictors.

Grats St. Louis

Truth be known, I was root, root, rooting for Indianapolis. I know it would be a terrific experience for everyone involved, on board, and participating. Indiana has a way of making everyone feel welcome and happy and would make it an amazing Championship.

That said, I’m from St. Louis, Missouri, and I think I can safely say that although the experience will not be Disney or Atlanta or Indianapolis or on an aircraft carrier (really - how cool would that be?!?) - St. Louis has a lot going for it as a city. They will do their best to welcome all of us and to put on a great Championship - just as Atlanta has done and Disney World has done before them. Boy - Atlanta is going to be sentimental - I’ve only ever known the Championship in Atlanta. Wow.

Congratulations to the cities that put in bids as serious contenders and to the folks that had to make the hard (and probably difficult) decisions. Thank you!