[BB] Loose Ends

Good Afternoon Teams,

As 2009 winds down, we’re putting the finishing touches on the plans for Kickoff. We have most of the pre-recorded sections of the kickoff broadcast ready to go and we will start converting the SNHU gym into a sound stage Wednesday, January 6th. If you can’t make it to an official kickoff site to view the broadcast, you can tune into either NASA TV or the NASA webcast from home. Information is available here http://robotics.nasa.gov/ and the final details will be added to that site next week.

The winning Safety Animation has been chosen and will be shown during the Kickoff broadcast. The top six finalists were: Teams 61, 100, 226, 342, 375 & 1625. My congratulations and thanks to everyone who submitted an animation.

The decryption test will be sent out in an email blast December 30th and the encrypted sections of the manual will be posted next week . I strongly advise teams to download these sections before the kickoff so you’ll be ready to go the moment the encryption code is revealed.

We’re packing and shipping out Kits of Parts this week and everything is in motion to get 1,757 teams and 1,757 kits of parts to 58 kickoffs all at the same time. We will then ship remaining 54 kits to teams who paid to have their kit delivered to their location. Yes, that’s a total of 1,811 FRC teams competing this year. I expect things will get really interesting, especially with the game the GDC has planned for you.

I want to wish you an exciting (and healthy) 2010.

10 days until the 2010 Kickoff
See you there!

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OMG, we’re actually 10 days before the 2010 Kick-Off!:ahh:
“I expect things will get really interesting, especially with the game the GDC has planned for you”… now i REALLY wanna know what’s up this year ><
can’t wait :frowning:

Over 1,800 teams? That’s great!

wow, no new hint.

Lets hope for another blog tomorrow.

Maybe the new hint is revealed in the encryption test.

As a mentor that came in late to the season last year. What is the encryption test? Is this something they do every year or is it just that when the release the manual people are trying to break the key?

The encryption test is a way to test and make sure that your computer will be able to decrypt the manual when the key is released at kickoff. They have sent out an encryption test for at least the last few years.

The manual is released before kickoff, as an encrypted .pdf file. The test is to see if your pdf reader software will work with the encryption scheme.

That totally makes sense. Thanks for the info.

When Bill said:

I want to wish you an exciting (and healthy) 2010.

Do you think the emphasis on “healthy” could be a clue? Like a medical application themed game?

I think it is referencing his recent trip to the hospital.

Maybe his trip to the hospital is a clue… :wink:

Oh yeah, I completely forgot about that.:o

So it was fake! LOL

I know it wasn’t, we are glad your back Bill!