[BB]: My staff brought me a blue cake


Good Afternoon Teams,

As of last night we now have more teams registered for 2011 than participated in 2010. This season will be even bigger and better than last year!

I know it’s frustrating to be sitting on a wait list this close to kickoff, but hang in there. Once the payment deadline has passed on December 2nd we will start moving teams into the reserved spaces working to ensure as many teams as possible get to attend a Regional event close to home. If you’re not registered for the event you really, really want and you aren’t on the wait list yet, register now so we know you want to be considered.

New this year, we’re planning to release the Game Manual in two sections. Administrative information (Introduction, Communication, Team Organization, At the Events, Robot Transportation and Awards) will be released in the very near future so teams will have time to review it well before kickoff. Game Specific information (The Arena, The Game, The Robot, The Tournament) will be loaded on the website in encrypted form and released during Kickoff as it has been in the past. Watch this space, I’ll let you know the minute you can start downloading the Administrative Information.

What can you expect during Kickoff? The live broadcast will start at 10:30 AM ET and is scheduled to conclude at noon ET. I’ll be there as will Dean and the GDC. We’re working on the schedule of events this week and I can’t wait to disclose this year’s game.

This year we’re celebrating the 20th FRC season. If your team would like to be featured in a 4 second video during kickoff, film your original, funny wishes for a happy 20th season and watch this space. I’m looking for a way to collect your videos and will let you know when I have a place for you to post them.

I have an update to my Oct 13th blog post listing the variations between the 2011 Rookie and Veteran Kits of Parts. Due to some unexpected lead time challenges, Rookie teams will receive 1 Norgren relief valve and Veteran teams will receive 0. Relief valves will be among the choices in the FIRST Choice system in case veteran teams can’t find the ones received in previous years’ kits or if rookies would like a spare.

For those of you with questions about FIRST Choice, yes, this program is for all teams both foreign and domestic. I strongly advise teams to plan to visit the site when it opens for viewing December 13th. The more you know about what’s available, the better you can plan your order when the site goes live.

I understand that I, Wombat, the documentary film about the inaugural FIRST Robotics Competition Team in Australia will premiere on Thursday, Nov 25th at Macquaire University. I’m going to have to miss it as Macquaire is in Sydney Australia, but I want to send my best wishes.

My congratulations to Chris Elston mentor for team 1501 THRUST who has been named one of 40 Engineers under 40 by Control Engineering.

The staff surprised me this week with a cake to celebrate my 5 year anniversary with FRC. With everyone in the same place for once, we took this picture before all rushing back to work.


Oh, and as of late last night, we have a game name for 2011! With any luck, we’ll have a game logo by Friday. Let the game hints begin.

52 days to Kickoff
See you then!

WOOT it’s almost hint season :slight_smile:

When and where do the game hints come out?

When and where don’t the game hints come out?

Hints have been posted on BB and on the usfirst.org website. Once it was mailed to teams.

The when can be even more chaotic. I believe in 2008 a hint was released mid-summer that had nothing to do with the game. Otherwise it is usually sometime in December. BTW don’t trust game hint threads started by Greg Needel.

Or Dave Lavery :open_mouth:

I have no idea what you are talking about :yikes:

Haha. Nice try. I remember looking feverishly at those threads, wondering what you could possibly mean! That was before I knew of your sense of humor! :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol :yikes:

^ What he said. Dave Lavery will have your brain tied in a knot before you even download the game manual.

Or simply fried.

I think you may have coined a new term: simplafried

That wouldn’t be anywhere near ‘simplified’, would it?

I’m missing something here - what is the significance of the blue cake?

(if someone responds with “the cake is a lie” then -infinity points to them.)

Well, the cake could either be a simple cake


It is blue, so that obviously means that we are having a water game this year.

I think it just means Bill likes messing with us. :rolleyes:

I was waiting for someone to relate the blue cake to a water game.

The hint isn’t in the color of the cake. It’s in the fact that the photo is taken on stairs.

I would tend to agree with the stairs over the cake. When we took pictures, it always had the cake in it or it was a shot of us downing said cake. So in this case… the cake is a lie.

This is the first logical “hint” that points to stairs. No long-shot elevation clues…but a legitimate picture of stairs.

Also, “rushing?” Moving quickly? Scaling stairs quickly? The world may never kno- oh wait, yes we will. 51 days…

I wonder how many DIFFERENT LAYERS that blue cake had. Maybe they needed STAIR STEPS to get to them all.

On the other hand maybe they were just celebrating Bill’s five years with FIRST and he is fond of the color blue.