[BB] The hurrier I go the behinder I get

"Good Morning Teams,

We completed FRC Judge Advisor training last weekend and are now preparing for FTA training this weekend. Our FTAs are dedicated volunteers and I appreciate their enthusiastic participation in this annual event here in snowy Manchester, NH. We’ll have the FTAs set up and tear down a 2011 field, we thoroughly brief them on the rules and scoring system, then run a few matches. This way the FTAs and FRC engineering staff can review game and field performance in a controlled environment before the competition season begins. The FTAs will depart prepared for the competition season and the engineering staff can address any bugs we find during the rigorous testing. We’re determined to make 2011 the best FRC season ever.

Training for other key event volunteers is scheduled throughout the month of February, mostly on line and via conference calls. Volunteer coordinators still recruiting volunteers for regional events. If you know of someone who wants to help out at a competition have them go to www.usfirst.org/vims to sign up.

As your team is preparing for 2011, please remember to check the bi-weekly team updates on the usfirst website and make sure rookie teams in your area know that this is the only place where official updates to the Game Manual are posted.

Also, keep in mind the deadline to submit for FIRST Dean’s List, Chairman’s Award, Woodie Flowers Award and the Website Award is February 17th which is only 21 days away. Details are available on our website and submission for the Chariman’s Award, Woodie Flowers Award and the Website Award is done by your team’s student submitters in STIMS. Submission for the FIRST Dean’s List is done by the team main contact in TIMS.

Remember, if you submit for the Chairman’s Award, you have to bring your video with you to the interview. New this year: no video, no interview.

Also new this year: instead of bronze participation medallions, all teams will receive 25 game logo themed participation pins.

The FTC rookie team incentive is still available for FRC teams. If your FRC team supports the development of a new FTC team before March 30, 2011, the new FTC team will receive a $200 discount on the 2010-2011 season registration, and your FRC team will receive a $500 credit on the 2012 season registration.

February 24th is Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day. If your school is interested in participating in Allegro Production’s Virtual Scientist Guest Lecturer Series contact [email protected] for more information. Deadline to register is Friday, February 11 at 5pm EST.,

26 days to Robot Ship
See you then!"