[BB] What it looks like around here right now


An interesting look at how FIRST prepares fields for competition.

Here’s how 200 Bedford Street looked this early this morning before the staff arrived.

We have 16 fields that will travel to the 59 FRC events this year. (A seventeenth field is staged in Tennessee for emergency deployment in case something happens to put a field out of commission.)

Stay around some time after a regional (or come early before they unpack)and see how they pack those crates. Everything is mapped out to fit exactly in the minimum number of crates, and there is another map to load the crates into the truck in a specified, efficient manner. It’s fascinating.

I’ll second Carol. I’ve been doing field assembly/disassembly every year I’ve been in FIRST. I’m always amazed at the engineering that goes into the field and the electronics to make these competitions work. And to think those fields get setup/teardown 6 or 7 times per season and it’s all done in several hours.

While you are sticking around checking out the field, be sure to lend a hand. But remember, the FTA is in charge of that process, so check with them if they need the help.

There is an entire book as to how every thing goes in crates and out. It is VERY fascinating, and crazy. It makes things flow efficiently. It’s neat to see all the field crates being packed and everything that goes into it. Thanks Bill!

The best way to learn is to volunteer at an off season event. I know at CAGE match and IRI we can never have enough help.

I especially love to have students help with the wiring. It’s a lot of fun to watch them learn what all goes into the system.