[BB]: What's going on, and the Delta field


As if anyone needed another reason to go to River Rage…

And the open registration opens soon.

Delta field at RiverRage. Hmmmmmm. As long as it doesn’t involve any software changes (I know it won’t) it sounds like it will be cool. Can’t wait to see it in 34 hours.:yikes:

:open_mouth: post pictures please!!!

I will/try!

I usually don’t get the time to do take pictures at off season stuff (driving then pit crew) but new members are getting the chance this weekend (yah for them) so I have extra time on my hands!

I won’t get too close to the action to get a pic.::ouch::

Game elements taking up most of the shop space?!?!

Sounds like it will be the opposite this year of last year, Instead of an open field, maybe a 2007 style game with a big field element…

Only 72 more days…

Not surprised that shop space is filled up with elements regardless of size and number given need to store components for 14 fields…plus one can’t assume much without knowing size of shop to begin with, right?

True… but it’s fun to speculate

Visions of many, many empty Haagen-Dazs cups stacked all over the floor…

Trying to Help

So what is the Delta field Bill refers to in the blog post?

Experimental, cost saving design based on excess regolith…

I’ve heard it’s inflateable :wink:

That idea might hold water…

Actually, that was the rumor about 71’s robot for the 2012 Air Game.

But seriously, lower cost field = :smiley:

once again of course water…but in all seriousness does anyone have any ideas to what type of things they are doing?

Did someone say watergame … ?

I guess we’ll find out tomorrow. Not much has been said by FIRST or Bill’s Blog.

thats what i was thinking considering nothing has been very specific, im very excited to see this tomorrow!

I’m pretty sure that idea is all wet.


I would love to see a close up picture of this delta feild and hear how it works from someone at riverrage, thanks!

…I sooo feel like I’m once again on to something.