Similar to the “How biased are CD polls” thread, I’m curious on what the results are with BBQ PDQ. This value is a a team’s blue banners per year. So if an 8 year old team has 4 blue banners. They will have a 0.5 BBQ PDQ. For this please use BBQ FIRST: and pick the poll category your team is in.

I actually like this metric better than mine because it accounts for the Chairman’s and EI awards in addition to competitive success. Furthermore, doing well or poorly at just one event last year will not skew the results.

What teams have a BBQ PDQ higher than 3.0!? Even the big name teams seem only slightly above 2.0.

If someone has been on multiple teams, they might put their personal BBQ instead of their current team’s BBQ.

Obviously that’s not what this poll is for. If that person who posted max score is on 2056 then I understand why the score is that high.

People must not realize that we can see who voted in what category. This poll isn’t going to be accurate because people like to troll.

My guess is that some people have confused BBQ PDQ with normal BBQ.

It seems that the calculator is counting this year even though no one has won a blue banner yet. For example, we have won two blue banners in the last 8 years but our BBQ PDQ is reported as .222… which would be 2 out of 9

I noticed but went with it anyways since it was more to just get a general feel of where teams are at. So far it looks like the majority of all users on Chief Delphi come from a team that has at least one blue banner.

This is why I don’t give too much weight to the polls on here. That and multiple people from the same team voting differently or padding one particular value.

It would also be interesting to see how these values change after a team gets their first banner. Is there a snowball effect?

Do Dean’s List Finalists or Woodie Flowers Finalists count as BBs? They could be accompanied by a BB (if you pay FIRST) but historically haven’t been standard.

Oops. I did the complicated math in my head (5/5) and voted 1.0 but when I did go to the BBQ site I see they do not include Rookie All Star so I should have voted 0.8. Mea culpa.

There are only 2 teams in the entire world who have BBQ of exactly 3!!!

Same question re: EI. Used to be a banner, but FIRST doesn’t give them out anymore.

Ex: 1923’s listed banner count on the BBQ site is 3. I know we have 6 banners from events, as well as two EI in 12/15, which would count if FIRST continued to give out banners - would make our count 8. We ordered them anyway, so we can have our full set on the walls, but they’re not ‘official’…

Without EI/WF we’re still at .36, with them we’re .72. If we count by what FIRST has given out over time, we’re at .54 (which is what I answered for us). The question is, are we only counting ‘robot performance’ banners or overall banner-winning achievements?

This is all for funsies anyway, but now I’m hungry for BBQ at 10am. Thanks, ChiefDelphi.

EDIT:: Ignore my thing about EI, I misremembered things. See my later post. Either way, WFFA banner point stil stands. Argh! Sorry folks.

Make that 3 5586 got two Rookie All-Stars and were division finalists last year.

There seems to be some confusion as to what awards come with a blue banner. A regional, district, division, or championship win, or a chairman’s award are the only blue banner awards.

We have a 2004 Division finalist banner…wish that counted.

That’s great except

Must have missed that update. Thanks!

BBQ FIRST gets all of its blue banner data from TBA. It only pulls robot performance and chairman’s blue banners.

My post was in reference to people who are answering the poll inaccurately- probably not looking up their team in BBQ FIRST, which would give them the accurate data.