bb's latest Maybe there will be some video clues this year. It will be nice to see some behind the scene stuff.

I’m expecting to see proof of Dave Lavery using his head…

… besides Spirit and Opportunity.


Cool, I don’t have to fax my Consent Form. Saves me a few cents.

GDC tapes? Bet Popcorn, Haagen Daas cups, and whatever were used as simualted game pieces!

All this talk of delicous treats makes me hungry.

I bet Pat would like me to make him another cookie too.


I’m looking forward to this new “GDC in Action” portion of the kickoff. A welcome addition. As for filming parts of the kickoff so far in advance, it does make sense. I’m sure it takes quite a while to fill and drain the pool. Plus, you wouldn’t want any leaks or splashes to ruin a live kickoff. Better to do it in many takes. :smiley: